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That's Life, By SilverMoon

My eyes are almond shaped and oh so hair is skin is fair, so what? this is just superficial, just for a wee while...Strength...much better than almond shaped brown eyes....Courage acquire that as you trek through life.....Intelligence, we are born like that ..... My husband was crippled ever since we met, but what a magnificent person he was! oh you didn't know? and you thought I'd care what he looked like? he had a kind face.....Jealousy....use the reserve of love you saved for a rainy take another's free will from them......Vanity....a distance we build for ourselves from the Source we call God...Envy...a malignant poison to the's a transgression against the Source we call God....Joy...we can only experience it when we are at is in your heart and's what makes you feel whole and complete...'s poetry from the soul...'s the Hands of a mother...'s what others do when they want to feel good...Empathy...may I borrow your shoes for a while?..... aware of what you can do and do it well, but never forget that what comes from The Source we call God shall return to It at any time, so, don't consider yourself unique, praise others, for they are unique as well.

~*~ SilverMoon ~*~

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