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Welcome To St. Elsewhere
Page Two
By SilverMoon



So now he's assessing me with the eyes of a physician, oh look out, I know what he's going to say next. I'm covering my head with the blankets, why should I listen to this one, well, not this one, I won't! this doctor is fairly young, he looks like he could be my son, so I'll just humor him, he'll just see. Again he's asking silly questions, is he for real!? well, we'll just see about mr. teenage doctor here. I have to laugh, have you ever stop to notice doctors? they have a look all their own, you can tell them a mile away just by their look, hand under the chin, serious look in their eyes and oh, let's not forget the frown, no! that one is crucial! I this mannerism all part of their training at medical school? I wonder too in which year of medical school do they learn it? or maybe they are just born this way, oh no!! I should have looked closely at John when he was born, maybe he had the look too! they look as if they are either pondering how we can harness the speed of light or who they are going to lay that night! Oh mine, I want to go to sleep so badly! just for a while, let me out of here, anyone has any hemlock on them? please stop this planet and let me get off it! this is not safe here!! this people are landing on the moon with a head cold, so how can they save my life?  Enter the vampire battalion now! put out your arm now! "I need to check if in fact you are really SilverMoon, I wouldn't want to take blood out of some other person who's name is not on this order form," says this lab technician, who looks like she's ready for a hallowing party and with a voice of some phone operator woken up during the night shift. I'd love to mess with her head, I'll just say I'm SilverMoon and I want out! "Now, there, you put that cotton at the precise point of puncture and that way we avoid getting a hematoma" "who's we sucker?" I'm thinking, "since when did the both of us got this needle shoved in the arm? ah?" oh Goddess help me! cough, exhale, now don't breath, good girl! what is next, I wonder, throw up? Oh no, here is doctor teenager again! he's blabbering about me having to stay, I start humming a tune by The Doors, he tells me that I need an I.V. for a day or so, my electrolytes are all messed up, so what! anyone have some hemlock on them? I want out of here and I'm going! Doctor teenager is working on the guilt department saying that if I don't care about myself then I should care about my son, and now John is on in the act too! I feel I'm not a person, when did I stop being a person and became just a mom? huh? do I have control as to when am I going to die and how? people!! Now I guess I'm going to stay but not without a plan of action so that they hate me and send me home quickly, I'm good at that, after all I used to do that when I was living with my parents and they'd get off my back swiftly! got to think fast and devise my plan, I will.

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