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Sometimes....By SilverMoon


Graphic Corey Wolfe 2001

Sometimes life is strange, it deals us a deck of cards that it's only a puzzle for us, but not so......Sometimes others want from us what we cannot give to them.... Sometimes others will touch our lives and enrich us for it.....Sometimes we go thru things that makes us think that we are so insignificant but yet we are all so special in the eyes of who created us...Sometimes life has strange turns and we cry bitter tears but those tears are pearls of wisdom for it teaches us about a knowing we need to own....Sometimes people don't understand that grief is a process that cannot be rushed..... Sometimes we feel alone and cold but we are never alone, there are helpers along the way..... Sometimes we think that we know it all but in reality we know a fraction of what there is to know.....Sometimes we would like to cry but no tears will come because there is a time to cry and one to ponder and we have to be aware of the difference....Sometimes we may think there is no light at the end of the tunnel that represents our struggles yet when one door closes the other one is ready to be opened.....Sometimes those that said they loved us never did but do not blame them for that is the best way the could show love.....Sometimes we want to have peace and serenity in our lives but all we find around us is turmoil but in turmoil there is growth......Sometimes we feel anger but why? because we blame others for our unhappiness and misery but in reality we should take personal responsibility.....Sometimes if a person takes off their glasses I can see better into them.....Sometimes life presents us with a lesson that we thought we had learned so well, yet, we are presented with the same lesson again, it's not a form of punishment from the Divine but merely to finish something that one didn't quite learn, it's a way to acquire a deeper understanding as to the lesson so as to be a helper along the path to enlightenment......Sometimes we blame The Great Spirit for our misfortunes but really when we think about it, the responsibility falls right back onto our own shoulders no matter how we look at things.

~*~ SilverMoon ~*~

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