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The Sad Little Angel, by Karl Gander

Once upon a time there was a mother whose only child died. She cried for it unceasingly. Once she was out in the field and crying again. Suddenly she saw an entire band of lovely angels flying above her, all of them young and beautiful, all of them happy and cheerful. Then the mother thought, "Oh, if only my child were also such a little angel!" And she looked to see if she could not find her child in the band. But she could not see it. Then from behind there came a little angel. It was very sad and was carrying a heavy black jug in its little hands. It was the mother's child. The mother asked, "My child, why are you not with the happy little angels?" "Mother," it said, "as long as you are crying I must collect your tears and cannot be happy like the others." From that hour forth the mother cried no more.

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