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Problems Of Survivors In The Death Of A Loved One Due To A Violent Crime

1. Seeming indifference of the community, especially the police, to the plight of survivors.

2. Isolation, helplessness in a world that is seen as hostile and uncaring, and that frequently blames the victim. Feelings of guilt for not having protected the victim.

3. Growing public sympathy for perpetrators of crimes while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4. Disparities in the judicial system (frequently, punishments for property crimes are as great as, or greater than, for the crime of taking a human life). Sensational and inaccurate media coverage.

5. Financial burden of hiring private investigators, etc., when they feel that law enforcement officers are not doing an adequate job or when there are too many unanswered questions.

6. Anger over a plea bargain arrangement.

7. Outrage about the leniency of the drunk drivers sentence. (Impaired Driver)

8. Frustration at not being informed of what is happening with the drunk driver in the criminal system, or not knowing how to get involved.

9. The memory of the last time you saw the victim. Lack of information as to what is going on.

10. Unanswered questions--about the crime, the criminal justice system (why is the driver on bail, walking the streets after he has confessed to the crime; why was the confession thrown out; why do they keep postponing the trial and not letting us know, etc.). Financial burden of medical and funeral expenses and perhaps for professional counselling for surviving family members.

11. The feeling that the driver (if he is found) gets all the help; that as victims of a CRIME we don't have any rights.

12. The seemingly endless grief. Loss of ability to function on the job, as well as at home or in school. The strain this puts on marriages and family relationships, frequently resulting in divorce.

13. Getting back the personal effects of a victim even these which are not essential to a trial, or after the trial is over.

14 The effect on the other children in the family especially the bitterness and loss of faith in the Canadian criminal justice system.

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