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A Petition To The Cosmic Birthir By Silvermoon

O Cosmic Birthir we ask for infinite unconditional love to accept our own and each others soul and mind evolvement. I ask of The Cosmic Birthir to bless this August Body. Let our spheres be in harmony with the highest vibratory frequencies so we may be enlightened with Your Truths. Let us as a gathering accept one another as we are for it is through this acceptance that we can recieve the Christ Vibration which is pure unconditional love. Let us see past the faults in our brethren's beings for we all have the same faults and we stumble all the same. It is ego that keeps us from evolving in our souls and minds which is where the resemblance to You starts and ends. Let us drop ego and give us the understanding that even though we may be souls that have had many journeys in the realm of matter we still need to grow and learn and in due time join the whole of our spiritual reality. We ask for You to see fit in Your time and not ours to make us one in this August Body, most of all send us understanding so we may have harmony and peace. So be it!


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