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Oh Great Spirit By Silvermoon

The Great Spirit is that which we term the Divine. It does not have a face, a set of legs or any human part or resemblance to people of matter, the Great Spirit is an isness, a pure form of cosmic energy, but us, people of matter have been very adept at giving the Divine many names, which in essence is the many facets of the Great Spirit, which is male and female and neither. Ascended Masters from one of the seven levels of understanding have acquired human form, they have come with many different truths and in our ignorance we have made them Gods. We have taken the truths they tried to impart to us and turned these truth inside out, taken out of them and added on to them and then lied to other people of matter about it in order to gain control of the masses. The cosmic energy that is the Great Spirit has allowed these Masters to acquire human form and come to the plain of matter to impart knowledge. At the time of the Master known as Jesus Christ, people of matter were not ready for his truth which was simply a revolutionary way of life and people had not reached a level of development in their souls for the acceptance of that kind of truth, they crucified him and while they were at it, made him God, and then his teachings were polluted by the forces of darkness, to excert power over other people of matter. Through out the centuries what we didn't understand we killed and destroyed. We use the name of the Great Spirit and argue who's right and who's wrong, what Its name is, and who knows more dogma, but, we fail to realize that the Great Spirit is not about dogma, the Great Spirit is about Isness. It has no creed, we do, It does not. If you tell a lie, it really does not affect the Great Spirit, it affects our soul's evolution at its best. If we don't do what is right, in deed, thought or word, it will affect your soul's evolution and Spirit will see it and you go back in all you've gained in evolution. Don't try praying a Hail Mary, or going to confession, that won't help, don't do wrong to start with. Great Spirit has no dogma, Great Spirit does not understand about catholicism, or religious rituals or empty words when we pray.

If you expected me to say here that I see Jesus Christ as an absolute form of the Divine, well, you won't find that in here, He is part of the Great Spirit of the Divine as we all are, and Great Spirit is male and female and at the same time It is neither. Why do I call the Divine, Great Spirit? because as I said before it's a cosmic energy and not a person. Am I afraid to die and meet a an old man wearing long flowing robes, sporting a long beard and sitting on a throne? not really. If the Source we refer to as God had any human part what so ever, then It wouldn't be where It is right now and It most likely would be found amongst us humans. For us to understand the concept of Divinity, we would have to drop our human bodies and go commune with the Source for a day or two. We will understand Divinity as we evolve in our souls and mind but not before that. The Source lives in all and all is the Source.

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