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My Beloved Cat, By Silvermoon

These two beautiful Devon Rex cats, look identical to my cat.

In memory of my cat, who crossed over to Rainbow Bridge on December 27, 1999.

My beloved cat got sick. He was so ill, but from old age. My cat was with us for over ten years, a part of my family. I noticed the night before he died, he was acting strange, so I gave him a bath and some sedation and put him in bed with me. I kept on talking in a soothing voice. The next day came, I woke up to find him gone from the bed. I immediatly went and found him lying on the floor unable to walk and he also could not lift his head anymore. I did pick him up and brought him back to the bed. I looked and saw that death was imminent because he was turning purple from the coagulation of the blood. I knew then that he was close to death. I saw also that he had had a stroke during the night and he no longer could move.... my beloved cat. I started talking to him again in a soothing voice and I told him that papa, that is how he knew Fred, was going to come and help him cross over to rainbow bridge and that he was going to be happy till we see each other beloved cat. In a strange moment of deep understanding and communication, when love brakes the barriers of human and animal communication, he looked at me one last time and I knew he was saying good bye to me and thanking me for his long and happy life and then very peacefully and now unconscious, he went to rainbow beloved cat. That night, it seemed strange to me not to have by my side the familiar body of my cat but I went to sleep and I asked the Cosmic Birthir to please help my cat be happy and to please look after him for me until I can get there and in the middle of the night, I heard Fred's voice loud and clear, strong and happy sounding, saying something but I don't remember what he said in such a wonderful voice. I went back to sleep and the next day I was playing with my other cat and all of a sudden I saw Silver was playing and pawing as if another cat was on the bed and he kept on rubbing against something that only he could see, marking this invisible someone, it was as if he was playing with someone familiar to him. I then realized that it was Fred and my cat, letting me know that they were alright....My beloved cat.


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