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I Believe In, By SilverMoon

1. In a Supreme Intelligence, The Master Architect. Some of us call This Supreme Intelligence God, I call this Supreme Intelligence, The Cosmic Birthir.

2. I choose to call God, The Cosmic Birthir, I acknowledge that it is an Isness.

3. The Source we call God is an energy that is male and female and neither.

4. The Source we call God is an allowing Source, It does not judge us, rather...we judge ourselves.

5. The Source we call God is omnipresent in all things and people.

6. Spirit communication happens because it is the power of the Source we call God working with us receivers and not due to mental powers.

7. We are all receivers for spirit's messages.

8. In taking personal resposibility, I refuse to blame the Divine for my mistakes.

9. Those that have departed are still very much alive amongst us and not in some far away land.

10. We are beings of spirit/light/energy.

11. The evolution of the soul is an ongoing process, never ending.

12. The Law the Cosmic birthir set into motion, what you reap, you shall sow.

13. We have soul memories. I believe in the power of our souls. I believe that the soul is a consciousness and it's not subject to the limitations of the body.

14. We are co-creators with the Source we call God.

15. There are helpers along the way of our journeys through life. I call life The University of Life and the people that reside in this realm are our classmates.

16. We were made in the Image of the Source we call God but not in the sense that we resemble It in physical looks but rather in the power of our souls and minds.

17. There is life in all and all has life. Animals, plants, etc. have souls.

18. Doing unto others as we would have others do unto us.

~*~ SilverMoon ~*~

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