MK Linnie Pairs
MK Linnie Pairs

Ivey 2021-Green Hen #EPBWI21151 Elysian Aviary

Randall 2021-GW Turquoise male NO BAND

Emerald 2021-D Green Hen #LPSWA2106 Lilac Linnies

Sterling 2022- cobalt Male NO BAND

Violet 2022-Violet hen #LPSGA Cathy Clegg Pendleton

Oscar-2022 Green male #EPB008 Elysian Aviary

Stella 2022-Cobalt or violet? Hen raised here #MK ND 5

2020 Turq male from Utah Parrots

Esmerelda-D Green/blue Hen #LPSWA2103 Lilac Linnies

Cobalt 2023-Male from Utah Parrots No Band

Lemon-2023 Lutino Female from Kevin in MN Band#

2023 Turq male out of Violet and Oscar pairing Violet Band #MKND2301

2023 Creamino Hen raised here out of Stella and Stan Blue Band #MKND2301

2023 Green male from Kevin in MN Band #

2023 Turquoise male out of Violet and Oscar Violet Band #MKND2302

2023 Cobalt/Violet? male out of Stella and Stan pairing Blue Band #MKND2302