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Welcome!I am glad you stopped by to look at our small family run breeding program. I firmly believe in quality over quantity. I am very passionate about doing things the right way and making sure my dogs are genetically tested through Paw Print Genetics so the puppies that I bring into this world are happy and genetically healthy. I spend a lot of time with each pup on a daily basis so that they will have the best possible outcome as a well rounded family dog. I raise the pups with the Puppy Culture method which gives them a head start to lots of stimuli such as clicker training, early crate training exposure, and socialization methods. We don't have many litters, but the ones we do have are AMAZING!

I look forward to being here for those of you that add one of my pups to your family and will always be here for support. I worry about all pups that I bring into this world and want the best for them.

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