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Noah Web, A Place For Teens Like You! d:-)=

Noah Web, A Place For Teens Like You!


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Here are some of my teen pages :-)

Teen Pen Pal Page
Opinion (Teen Chat Room)

***New Feature (My Link Page, Add A Teen Site Link Instantly, Or Go To Another Teen Site!!!)***

Some cool pictures for web creators or just for fun (including simpsons, sienfeld, star wars, and so much much much more that it would take up the page to list so I just wrote those)

The new (drum role) MOVIE REVIEW PAGE!!!!

Take my even newer BAND/SINGER POLL <------View The Results So Far or E-mail me If I Missed A Band

Games!!! (I closed the shop because it wasn't working) With the new reflex tester!!!!

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About The Author (me!!!)

Web Resources

What I Have

A place to find a Teen Pen-Pal/Internet Girlfriend/Boyfriend,a cool game where you try to click on as many little creatures as you can (its more fun than it sounds) (I closed the shop! I also have a Teenage Chat Room! All just for TEENS.

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My Favorite Links

Angelfire - How You Can Do This Too (if you do, please tell me your address so we can exchange links)

Linkexchange- How I Circulated One Of My Banners To Other Teen Pages

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