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Abigail's Stories and Assignments


Okay you guys. I went to access the original, Dreams Come True. Her site has been taken down and I have the fear that she DIDN'T save it. I wrote over my disks a long time ago. If ANY of you have it. I know some of you liked it . . . printed it out . . . and passed it around to friends. Those of you told me you printed it out. Please, please, please, please!!! If you did email me and let me know. I have been spazing out and freaking out because no one will understand the sequal without the first one. If you have it, or parts of it, please get it to me in ANY WAY POSSIBLE! I need them back!!! I need to retype them onto my own site.


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    These are by: Abigail
    1) Dreams Come True
    2) Future Dreams - The sequel to DCT
    3) Where's the World Unfinished!
    4) For the Better Finished!
    These are e-mail her for her updates list!
    1) A Taylor Hanson Story Starring You! Replacing A Fallen Angel
    This is e-mail her to let her know what you think of her story
    2) Zackie and Mackie~Best Buddies Short Story
    This is by: Sue e-mail her to be on the updates list for this story
    3) Parasite *New as of 3/20*

    BACKSTREET BOYS STORIES: e-mail her for her updates list!
    1) When 10,000 Angels Cried Finished! E-mail her to tell her what you think!
    2) Together Forever And A Day Finished! *NEW AS OF 3/19!* e-mail her to let her know what you think! *new 7/12*
    3) LiL Sis Unfinished!

    'N SYNC STORIES e-mail ger for updates!
    1) A Critical Love Unfinished


    Thanks for linking me SBCD! Check it out yourselves and then rate my story there!
    By:Sarah e-mail her for her updates list!
    1) Closer to Free Unfinished
    By: Abigail
    2) We're Always There For You *updated!*

    COMBINED STORIES: E-mail her to be on her updates list!
    1) Lucky Hanson/Moffatt *new 7/13*

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