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The Professional Wrestling Reliquary

St. Louis Wrestling Club Gallery

This wing of the Reliquary was opened to house a small portion of what has become a large, and important, part of my collection. I have amassed quite a few relics that emanate from the offices of the St. Louis Wrestling Club. Artifacts showcased include payoff checks, correspondence, contracts and even the stock certificate purchased by Sam Muchnick!


St. Louis Wrestling Club payoff check made payable to Pat O'Connor. Endorsed by O'Connor and former World Champion, Terry Funk.

St. Louis Wrestling Club payoff endorsed by Harley Race.

St. Louis Wrestling Club payoff check made payable to David Von Erich. Endorsed by the late David Von Erich in both his ring name and birth name, David Adkisson.

St. Louis Wrestling Club payoff check made payable to Bruiser Brody. Endorsed by the late Bruiser Brody in both his ring name and birth name, Frank Goodish. Notes: Extremely rare signature, this check was written on February 11, 1983 after the highest payoff day ever in St. Louis. That night, Brody faced Ric Flair in the main event of a Kiel Auditorium card for the NWA World Title. The event grossed record numbers and both grapplers earned a record $5,958.81 each.

"Avalanche" Buzz Tyler endorsed St. Louis Wrestling Club payoff check. Signed by Sam Muchnick.


Jim Crockett Promotions (Mid-Atlantic Wrestling)correspondance concerning travel costs of using JCP talent in St. Louis. The letter clearly defines that the cost(s) does NOT include the legendary Ric Flair. Dated February 8, 1986. Notes: Since Flair is specifically mentioned in the letter as NOT being included in this billing, it would lead me to speculate that Flair's flamboyount style of Limosiunes and the like would cause his transportation fees to be slightly higher!

Travel correspondance on St. Louis Wrestling Club letterhead from President, Sam Muchnick. Letter disscusses the arrival and departure plans for Vince McMahon, Jim Crockett and other NWA figureheads for the annual meeting of the board of directors. Dated October 22, 1980.

Letter from Gene and Ole Anderson concerning possible future bookings in St. Louis. Dated August 4, 1967.

Cover of the 1983 St. Louis Wrestling Club general ledger. Inside, transactions and accounting notes for matches held during the period specified. Each talent's pay is listed along with the date, amount paid etc. One of four in the collection, which spans from 1980-1986. Click here to view an image of what a typical ledger sheet looks like.

Application for wrestling license. Filed(and signed) by Black Jack Mulligan. In the period prior to "sports entertainment," state athletic commissions often required that in contests such as wrestling or boxing, the participants must be licensed.

Original St. Louis Wrestling Club Stock Certificate presented in the amount of 315 shares in the St. Louis Wrestling Club to Sam Muchnick in January, 1980. Signed by both Muchnick and Club manager, Larry Matysik.

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