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Sorry for the pictures not being perfect.But people was asking about embossed bottles.So here they are. It is very hard to make a good picture with the embossed bottles.

This is a No Deposit/No Return CLOVERDALE.

This is a No Deposit/No Return Patio.Listed in the Ayers PEPSI book!

This is a No Deposit/No Return Diet Pepsi!

This is a 10 oz. No Deposit/No Return PATIO by PEPSI.This bottle is NOT listed in the Pepsi book by Ayers.!

This is a 1 quart Donald Duck No Deposit/No Return!

This is a 16 oz. WHITE ROCK soda. one of my favorites!

This is a green 12oz.BLAIR HOUSE *(VERY RARE)
This is a 12oz.SUN DROP

Here is a green DOUBLE COLA *(RARE in green)

.A few more of my EMBOSSED bottles.

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