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So many memories.. So much fun. So exciting. In the infancy of this website, Angelfire was there. Urging me to learn HTML due to their lack of easy to use (yet inefficient) 'What you see is what you get' appelets like other homepage sites have. They only had about five (very) simple templates. They were customizable, but all in all weren't something that was really appealing. If not for this, I would not have had the motivation to learn HTML to build my own site. And because of my self education, I would not have found out other things about how the internet in general works.

Ahh... I remember getting excited every day just as work was finishing.. So I could learn what else I could do on my homepage. My head was so full of ideas back then...

I'm leaving this page up forever, roughly.. in a tribute to the work that I've done on Angelfire. The rest of my pages, however.. Will be gone by the time you read this. Why? Well, you wouldn't want me to confuse Google by having two copies of the same site, would you?

The picture buttons below will take you to their corresponding pages at


Copperplate Gothic Light is the font used for this, and most other pages. If you are using WindowsXP, then you probably don't have it so please download (FROM HERE) , and place it into your C:\Windows\Fonts directory. You MUST right click and Save Target As... or else you'll get a bunch of garbled text.

The site has moved (for those who haven't been keeping up, and for those that clicked on an old forgotten forum link that I posted). It is now located at Of all the pages I once had on Angelfire, this is the only one I am keeping up. The rest will look like this.

I am not by any means done with Angelfire. I will still use them for other things. Maybe project pages to give examples of what can be done with only HTML. Maybe just to store pictures and other files. Either way.. I can't just let it go. Not yet.

If I do anything to this page, I will announce it at so it's safe to delete this from your favorites, and add the new place to it. -30AUG03

Previous News.

Thanks for visiting!


The World of Marshall

This is the homepage of a guy I worked with for two years at Ft. Bragg.
There's always something crazy going on over at his site, regarding home made movies, adventures in Linux, and a bit of little-known music reviews. Also how to hook a remote controlled robot to your computer, so some guy in Singapore can control it.

Still a beginning site.
Made by a guy I've been working with here in WHCA since I've been there. I don't think he quite knows what he wants to do with his site just yet... He has a wealth of knowledge about Javascript, and C++ and many other mumbo jumbo, so when he gets it up and running (if ever), I'm sure it will be quite interesting.

Ronnie's Ghetto Website

My cousin's website...
Just because she calls herself Ronnie, it doesn't mean she's a guy. She's learning fast how to do things and updating frequently. Her site has only been up for 1/10th the time mine has, and already has half as many hits. I need to find out who she uses for advertising..

An amazing site, where people (from all over the world of course.. It's the internet!) get together and submit what they feel is art, and other members comment on it. The bandwidth use of this place astounds me. Especially that it's free. It's a community unlike any other. I first got there looking for wallpapers, but once I got my digital camera, and took a lot of good pictures, I had to join DevArt to see what others thought. Luckily most of my stuff they do :)
The Best Page in the World

Erm... I'm sure the world in total has wasted years on this page.


What will go in here...?

In case you are interested in having a better looking homepage than mine.

This is up here, just because I thought it looked cool. It came from a Return to Castle Wolfenstein
clan mates girlfriends profile. He has his own web design business, and that's all he really has up
to impress anybody... well, that and this site.

My original Angelfire counter.
How many times I've looked at it... I can't even count.
That's why I got it. So it could tell me.

Due to possible unnessecary spam to my email address, you will have to copy and paste it into your email program... Sorry.



I started this site in early July of 2000, with the hopes of being able to post pictures on forums/message boards. Namely screenshots for Blade of Darkness. Angelfire, however, had (weeks prior) eliminated file sharing in order to conserve their own bandwidth, so whenever I tried posting something, I'd get a "This image hosted by Angelfire" banner instead of what it was supposed to be. Then I found out that Juno, my old ISP provided webspace for it's customers through Homestead, a very idiot friendly host/webspace provider. It actually allowed me to post pictures too. So I said to myself, "Self, you need a homepage. There's no reason in particular, just do it so that you can get off of those stupid video games you waste so much of your time with." , and so I did. I did things with that page that were unthought of by the best HTML/Javascript encoders out there. I had fading text. I had text in random places about my page. All thanks to that so-easy-to-use template that has to be loaded up everytime you want to change something on the page. The downside is, the whole page would be about half a meg, which means it took a long time to load, and I had hardly ANYTHING on it. But I was having fun. I had high hopes. I was going to make an awesome music page, so I bought a scanner so I could scan the covers of my CDs and began. I had 7 CDs or so posted with reviews. I also had a Blade of Darkness page, and a Friends/Family page. And then I got a devastating email. It said Homestead was giving Juno the shaft and would not provide services for free anymore.

So I had to find another service for free. So I went back to Angelfire, and my half-assed intro page and decided to make it something worth looking at. I was unable to post pictures (to other sites) still, but at least I could still have a homepage. I decided to do a music site, based on Swedish Death Metal, my special genre of music. So I started. And slowly but surely learned HTML. At least the basics of it. It was fun, mind you. I liked getting a little tipsy and typing something stupid on my news page, and reading and laughing later. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. In the army I hardly learned anything. Except the things that are important, don't matter as far as your career goes. Learning HTML was an awakening for me. I found that I was still capable of learning. And do you know that I actually liked it? I still don't know but 10% of it, and I only know how to find about 75% of it, but that's still 100 times more than the average person. It's very easy. Anyone can learn it.

Anyway, as I became more betterer at it, I redid a few pages. Then Angelfire came out with 'Angelfire Plus', which for 5 dollars a month, allowed you to share files, as well as not have banner ads. I jumped on that before I blinked, and thus you have what is here. As I learned more and more I redid the pages that I have. I changed the 514th page, the music page, and the Game reviews page, and added a few more. Quite a few more. The only one I really kept the same is this main one, which has the basic setup of Angelfire's template that I chose when I first signed up.

And from there, I moved on to a new host. This time at They offer 650 megs of space, and 45Gigs a month of transfer, thereby completely dwarfing what Angelfire offers, for $2.77 more a month. And if you sign up for a year, you get two months free... That and the fact that you get a free domain name really made it hard to resist. So that's how The Crawdaddy Page got to where it is now. Expect this section to be updated periodically, especially after major changes to the site.


There are certain things about this site that I do, and reasons for them.

The whole site is best viewed in a resolution of 1024 x 768. I know most of who looks at it are using 800 x 600, and probably don't even know how to change it to the higher one, but I feel that it looks a lot better than it ever could the higher the resolution you view it at. So basically, if pictures are off center, or you have to scroll left or right to see everything, then it's your computer. It's broken. Yeah. That's it. Broken.

Another thing is I try to make all thumbnails open in a new window. I do this, so that bandwidth is conserved, so that when you look at a picture, and want to look at another one, you don't have to click back, and reload the page. Also this allows you to open up more than one picture at once, and if you want to save it then you don't have to do it right then, but you can get a bunch of them and do it at one time...later. Also you can read what I've written while the pic is loading, thus making you a very efficient web-surfer. I also do the same with links, so as to not completely distract you from my site, because after all, you are looking at it for a reason, right?

Nothing here is finished. Nor will it ever be. Webpage building is fun at first, but gets tiresome when you've been doing it for a while.

Also, any review I write, any news update, any traffic rant, caption, whatever is rarely done with a plan in mind, so you'll notice that I digress often. Sorry, but that's something you'll have to deal with.

And one thing more... This site is coded in 95% pure HTML, by me. I use 1st Page, a free utility to type in HTML. It makes it easy to spot mistakes, and preview what you've written. Eventually I may even dedicate a page to it. The only thing that's not coded by me is that javascript thing on my bar up there. I cut and pasted that from one of 1st Page's many many javascripts.