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Tang Soo Do Uniform

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“Do Bohk” is the Korean term for the training uniform that we wear in class.  Do means way, or path, and Bohk means robe or clothing.  The uniform specific to Tang Soo Do is in most respects very much like that worn universally in most other martial arts.  It consists of white baggy trousers, known as “Ha Ee”, and a white fold over top, known as “Sang Ee”.  Generally, it is also accompanied by a belt or “Dee”, worn around the waist.  The Moo Duk Kwan uniform, however, also consists of trim worn around the lapels of the uniform.  This type of uniform historically had its origins with the ancient Hwa Rang warriors, and is over 2,000 years old.

The Do Bohk is not merely clothing for training, but traditionally is seen as a tool for achieving the goals of the martial arts.  The uniform and belt should be treated with respect at all times.  Belts are traditionally never washed.  Students should keep their uniforms clean and neat at all times.

White, yellow, and orange belts do not wear any trim on their uniforms.  Green belts wear green trim around their lapels only.  Red belts wear red trim around the lapel.  Tang Soo Do is unique in that the rank of “black belt” is actually symbolized by wearing a dark, midnight blue colored belt.  This is because in the Korean culture, black symbolizes death or an ending, whereas achieving the rank of  “black belt” is truly only a new beginning.   Blue trim is worn around the lapels, sleeve cuffs, and around the bottom of the uniform.  Chodan Bo (dan candidate) students will wear the midnight blue belt without any trim on the uniform. 

Patches should consist of only those approved by the instructor.  The USA flag patch will be placed on the left shoulder, and the Korean flag patch will be placed on the right shoulder.  The school logo patch will be placed on the left lapel.  Assistant instructors and instructors will wear the appropriate patch above the school logo patch.  Dan level students who are members of the ITSDA may wear that patch on the right lapel.  All students will be required to wear a traditional white uniform and belt during training.


How to Fold Your Uniform 

1.  Lay the uniform top out flat with the sleeves extended out to the sides.

2.  Fold the pants in half and place them on top of the uniform top in the center.

3.  Fold the sleeves across the pants from the seam at the shoulder.

4.  Fold the right side in towards the center lengthwise.

5.  Fold the left side in towards the center lengthwise.

6.  Fold the entire uniform in half lengthwise.

7.  Fold the uniform in half again.

8.  Tie the belt around the uniform in the center.


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Traditional Uniform of the Hwa Rang Dan warriors


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