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Sonora Baby Grand Photographs
Sonora Baby Grand, c. 1919
The Sonora set up for lateral/needle cut records.
Sonora set up for a Pathé Sapphire Record (vertical/phono cut). If you have one of these machines with a multi-purpose soundbox, be sure to use the proper sapphire needle with Pathé Saphire Records. A Sapphire Ball Stylus was originally provided with the machine. You can use cactus or fibre needles without harm to the record, just make sure the record is in good condition and clean.

Even though the machine was also provided with a Diamond Needle for Edison Diamond Discs, I wouldn't recommend playing the Edison Records using this type of multi-purpose soundbox. The grooves on Diamond Discs weren't designed to propel the mass of the tonearm across the record, and the tracking isn't right either. Edison Records are much happier when played on a Diamond Disc phonograph. 

If you have the jewel points, make sure that they are in good condition (not chipped or worn) before attempting to use them.

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