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1. Either an officer meeting or guild meeting will be held and a proposal
for a raid location will be voted on.

2. Once the guild has decided on a location, the Guild Leader will ask for
a volunteer to be the Raid Leader (can be anyone). The Raid Leader will be
in charge of the whole operation from start to finish having the final say
in matters pertaining to the specific raid (this is the guild members chance
to shine). If there is more than one volunteer, the Guild Leader or officers
may choose the Raid Leader from the pool of volunteers.

3. The Raid Leader will set a date and time for the raid to be held.

4. There will be a sign up roster on the message board for guild members to
go and sign up for that particular raid. The deadline for raid sign up will
be one week prior to the raid. If a guild member does not sign up for the
raid then the guild member will not participate in the raid.

5. Six days before the raid the Raid Leader will take the list and pick
his/her choices for Team Leaders and begin placing guild members into
particular teams. The raid Leader will then post this list on the guild
message board for all members to view.

6. Within the next 1-3 days after the list is published the Raid Leader
and Team Leaders will meet and group at the raid location and conduct a
Leader's Recon Mission of the location. This is when the Raid Leader will
establish responsibilities and missions for specific teams. At this time,
the Raid Leader and Team Leaders should be doing extensive research on
the area to be raided as well as map recons.

7. After the Leader's Recon but before the raid, Team Leaders will be
responsible for getting their teams together and going through rehearsals.
This would include grouping and fighting together (possibly in a certain
area of the raid site) as well as discussing individual
responsibilities, missions, and fighting tactics.

8. On the day of the raid, the members that have been assigned to teams
will meet and group with their Team Leaders at a predetermined point
just outside of the raid zone 1 hour prior to the start of the raid.
Once a Team Leader has all his/her team members, they will report to the
Raid Leader and inform him/her that they are ready to raid.

9. The raid will start on time and anyone who is not there will not be
entering into the raid zone with the rest of the guild. If the member
is able to enter the raid zone and link up with his/her designated team
then that is fine.

These are just some guidelines for future guild raids. How the raid is
actually run is up to the raid leader. This should help cut down on a lot
of confusion and allow the raids to actually start on time. Remember your
6 P's: Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!!