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The Chosen of Silent Vortex Clan swear to live
our lives in honor of one another. In this,
we pledge to aid in quests, and missions with
our brothers and sisters. We do this
selflessly and wholly.

We swear to avenge those who have slandered
or harmed our brothers or sisters. We will
travel untold distances to exact those who have
brought wrath upon our name.

We strive to become a distinguished, honorble
and respected Clan. We do not tolerate behavior
that undermines this purpose, and seek this
standard in all our people.

These are our undying principles. We are steadfast
in our pledge to ourselves, one another, and in
all of Norrath. Our oath is one that we need not
utter aloud for it is bound by honor to one
another. Let us unite in this declaration and
live faithfully.

This page was last updated on: April 30, 2004

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In silence we are bound, in honor we are steadfast,
in brotherhood... we are forever!!

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