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Chris Smith's Tennis FAQs

The FAQ is posted every month by Chris Smith, usually around the middle of the month. He sets the expiration date for those articles to a month, so they might still be on your news server, although some news servers ignore those expiration dates. They are also cross posted to rec.answers and news.answers. You can also get it via anonymous ftp on the machine []. The FAQ is contained in six files in the directory /pub/usenet/rec.answers/sports/tennis-faq. Unfortunately, he doesn't update it anymore, and since 1998 we haven't had one of these FAQs. Anyone out there willing to make one? And his contact details do not work :( The aim here to to create an 'archive' of his once great FAQs (as Tennis results in the 90's were not easily found; his FAQ contained all this information). Other Versions that are on the internet: Version 1.33 -- Last Modified 10 Aug 96; Version 1.42 -- Last Modified 12 October 1997; Version 1.15 -- Last Modified 21 Nov 94; Version 1.04 -- Last Modified 12 Dec 93; Version 1.07 -- Last Modified 12 Mar 94; Version 1.09 -- Last Modified 22 May 94; Version 1.05 -- Last Modified 12 Jan 93; Version 1.11 -- Last Modified 4 Jul 94 (They are quite hard to find as one FAQ is contained in 6 separate posts.)

Below are some I found around the internet:

The first one
Version 1.38 (5 February 1997)
Version 1.44 (27 April 1998)
The Latest One I could find, and the last (FAQ Version 1.50 A - 28 April 1998)
Version 0.2
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Some info about the FAQ's

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How Tennis ranking is calculated.
WTA Rankings FAQ, Part I/Information
WTA Rankings FAQ, Part II/Q&A

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