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Other Sport FAQs

Below are SportFaqs which are posted on various Groups on the internet, such as, when finding information on the internet was hard, and sometimes only existed in these 'Groups'. They are extremely out of date and are kept here for archive purposes only. Please note I am not the author of these FAQs. Other Sport FAQs I want to archive here: Soccer/Football (Not Likely); Snooker;

Mitchell McCann's Formula 1 FAQ (Last-modified: March 14, 1997)

Part 1
Part 2
Latest Version of Mitchell McCann's Formula 1 FAQ (Outdated, doesn't update it anymore).

Mark Jackson's F1 FAQ (Old Versions)

[V1.23 January 2001]
[V1.28 September 2001]
19/1/2000 (1999 and 2000 Teams)
[V1.19 September 2000] 2000 and 2001 teams

Latest Version of Mark Jackson's FAQ

Latest Version Here