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Pokémon (or Pokemon) Tools (Updated 30/4/07)

No flashy graphics, page looks a tad bit boring? No! This page has all the useful tools you need for the Pokémon Games! I am not the author of any of these tools, just a 'mirror' of these tools, and for easy access to the most popular tools on the web. (Symbol is for the Page Views Counter)
UPDATED: Replaced some dead links.

Files hosted in my Web Space

Phil Erwin's DV Calculator (Version 1.72)
Phil Erwin's Pokémon RMT (Version 1.0)
Latest Moves File for Pokémon RMT
Jolt's PKutility (Requires Microsoft Excel) Version 5.64e
Whitecat's Battle Stat Calculator Tool
RS Calc (PokémonMaker) by xyzman
Ciro's Pokédex (.xls file zipped)
Ciro's Pokédex help guide (.doc file zipped)
EV Tracker
Exp Calc
MetalKid's Pokémon Tool Version 2.01
Upgrade Files to update above program to Version 2.03
Ciro's Pokédex Program (Beta)
MetalKid's Pokémon Tool Version 3.02
Jolt's PKutility (Requires Microsoft Excel) Version 5.66e, Latest Version
Jolt's PKutility (Requires Version 5.66e, Latest Version

External Links to Tools and Sites of General Pokémon Interest

MetalKid's Pokémon Tool (Latest Version: 4.10)
NW's Pokemon Program Suite 2006
Ciros Pokémon Maker (Latest Version 0.9.8)
Pokemon Ru/Sa Stat Calculator
Ru/Sa IV Calculator (Other good tools are on this website)
UPDB Tools
MissingNo and Glitch Pokemon Article at
Pokémon Elite 2000
Pokémon Glitches
Cinnabar Island Glitch
The P-Files
Pokémon Gold and Silver - Time Changer
Metalloid Research
Azure Heights Pokémon Laboratory
Uiru's Pokémon Database v2.0
Rocket Minion's Lair
Poochie's Place Pokémon Section
Pokemon Gold and Silver Message Board at GameFaqs
Pokemon Section at Gold Ursaring's Lair
GatorShark's Pokémon Encounter Code Generator
KPDavatar's Online Pokémon Maker

Online Battling

Pokémon Netbattle
RSBot Tutorial
GSBot Guide
GSBot Guide
Lugia's Dungeon Guide to Online Battling
Bot Program Download
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire message board at GameFAQs
Pokemon Sapphire Version message board at GameFAQs
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