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Nick's Ltrack Football/Soccer League Files

Below are various league files I have made for Ltrack (They have not been zipped, they are .div files):

Completed Files

COMPLETED: English Coca Cola League 1 2005/06 (.zip file)
COMPLETED: Bank of Scotland Premier League 2005/06 (.zip file)
COMPLETED: European Championship 2004 (.zip file)
COMPLETED: FIFA World Cup 2006 (.zip file)
Squads for 2006 FIFA World Cup from Wikipedia (.zip file contains HTML file containing all squads)
COMPLETED: 2007 AFC Asian Cup (.zip file)
Portuguese League 2006-07 and 2007-08 by Joaquim Paulo
Contact/Email Me, for any files you want to put up, errors/corrections to my files or just general suggestions. Put 'Ltrack' in the subject of the email.

Other Sites

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Yernar Shambayev's ABC Amber Ltrack Converter - Download Mirror 1 (v1.03)
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Joseph O'Dea's World Cup 2006 spreadsheet
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Joseph O'Dea's FIFA rank graphing spreadsheet
Excel 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany Timeline
World Cup 2006 Tournament Calendar
2006 World Cup Spreadsheet
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World Cup 2006 spreadsheet in Spanish
World Cup 2006 spreadsheet from Microsoft
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Features I would like to see added to Ltrack