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A little bit about me.   My brothers are the ayapia (wolf) and makwa (bear).   I, Lakota (peaceful person) and my wife Cortie are part of the ayapia dodem (wolf clan).   Our children are our peshewa (cats) and weshtuh (dogs).   I have been told in a past life I was a great wapacoli (warrior).   My weapon of choice was a tomahawk.   I fought in many battles and was feared.   While on a hunt, a nearby warring nation would change things.   Outnumbered, we were attacked and I was killed.   I know that this must sound strange but it pieced together many little things in my life to a much bigger puzzle.   Though I have no proof of my heritage I believe I am part Delaware and part Onondaga.   Though without knowing I don't feel part of either of those Nations I feel like I am a part of a one great brotherhood of NA Peoples

A little bit about my wife.   Her brother is the monettoo (Snake).   She recently gave up the name Wyakin (Spirit Guide) for the name Cortie.   Cortie is the name of her Great Grandmother who is full blooded Cherokee.   My wife is part Cherokee and part Choctaw.