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In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with the animals, for the Great One above, did not speak directly to man. He sent certain animals to tell man that he showed himself through the beasts, and that from them, and from the stars, and the sun, and the moon, should man learn...All things tell of the Great Spirit. Eagle Chief [Letakots-Lesa](late 19th century) Pawnee 


Falcon/Hawk: 21 March-19 April
Falcons are full of initiative, but often rush in to make decisions that they may later regret. Lively and extroverted, they have enthusiasm for new experiences but can sometimes lack persistence. Those born under the sun sign of the Red Hawk are likely to be adventurous and assertive. Along with creativity, they harbor a desire to be free and unencumbered. Those people closest to them may consider them to be a bit headstrong at times.


BEAVER: 20 April-20 May
Practical and steady, Beavers have a capacity for perseverance. Good homemakers, they are warm and affectionate, but need harmony and peace to avoid becoming irritable. They have a keen aesthetic sense. Beaver people are industrious and hardworking folks who are generally blessed with good health. They cherish peace and security, and those who are born under this sign are thought to be loyal and stable.


DEER: 21 May-20 June
Deer are willing to sacrifice the old for the new. They loathe routine, thriving on variety and challenges. They have a wild side, often leaping from one situation or relationship into another without reflection. Deer people are very often clever, talented individuals who have a knack for bringing their enthusiasm to their environment. Those born under this sign love change and seem to be almost constantly in motion.


Emotional and sensitive, Woodpeckers are warm to those closest to them, and willing to sacrifice their needs for those of their loved ones. They have lively imaginations but can be worriers. Those born under this sign have a strong nesting instinct and are generally deemed good parents who provide lovingly for their children. Brown Flicker people also seem to have an ability to head problems off before they really begin.


SALMON/STURGEON: 22 July-21 August
Enthusiastic and self-confident, Salmon people enjoy running things. They are uncompromising and forceful, and can occasionally seem a little arrogant or self-important. They are easily hurt by neglect. Sturgeon people have a great talent for teaching others. If they can avoid the tendency to be a bit to domineering, they are able to hide all their insecurities behind a positive approach to life.


BROWN BEAR: 22 Aug-21 Sept
Brown Bears are hardworking, practical, and self-reliant. They do not like change,  preferring to stick to what is familiar. They have a flair for fixing things, are good natured, and make good friends. Those born under this sign are usually slow and cautious, quiet and careful individuals. Bear people are generally no-nonsense types who do not tolerate deceit and insecurity in others.


CROW/RAVEN: 22 Sept-22 Oct
Crows dislike solitude and feel most comfortable in company. Although usually good-natured and pleasant, they can be strongly influenced by negative atmospheres, becoming gloomy and prickly. Raven people are sociable, talkative folks, full of nervous energy and fluctuating moods. They are usually very flexible and adapt well to new environments and circumstances.


SNAKE: 23 Oct-22 Nov
Snakes are mysterious, and secretive, hiding their feelings beneath a cool exterior. Adaptable, determined and imaginative, they are capable of bouncing back from tough situations encountered in life. Charismatic, but often difficult to understand. Snake people are often thought of as those who may delve to deeply into the mysterious and forbidden. Those born under this sign have the ability to deceive, as well as charm.


OWL/ELK: 23 Nov-21 Dec
Owls need freedom of expression. They are lively, self-reliant, and have an eye for  detail. Inquisitive and adaptable, they have a tendency to overextend themselves. Owls are often physically courageous. Elk people are competitive and athletic individuals who serve as teachers and coaches. Those born under this sign enjoy traveling and cherish their personal independence.


Goose people are far-sighted idealists who are willing to explore the unknown. They approach life with enthusiasm, determined to fulfill their dreams. They are perfectionists, and can appear unduly serious. Tradition is important to those born under this sign, and they search the past in order to find meaningful guidelines for the future. Hard working folks with great stamina, they are cautious about making to many changes in their lives.


OTTER: 20 Jan-18 Feb
Otters are friendly, lively and perceptive. They feel inhibited by too many rules and regulations, which often make them appear eccentric. They like cleanliness and order and have original minds. Although those born under this sign can be thought unpredictable, they usually prove to be good-natured friends who seem truly to enjoy helping others. Otter people are often found in service occupations.


WOLF/COUGAR: 19 Feb-20 March
Wolves are sensitive, artistic and intuitive--people to whom others turn to for help. They value freedom and their own space, and are easily affected by others. They are philosophical, trusting and genuine. Cougar people, very mystical in nature, are often artists, writers, and healers, who rely on their intuition to help them avoid trouble. Perhaps a bit too sensitive, those born under this sign are easily hurt by rejection and




A totem animal is different than a birth totem. A birth totem is just that, a totem animal that follows the sign of your birth. A totem animal is your "power animal", one which comes to you in different situations such as: A dream, A vision, A quest. But it must come to you more than once, and never display anger. Its purpose is to guide you on your path. The next time you dream of your power animal, or see it in a vision, talk to it and allow it to guide you.