Seasonís Greetings from 4 CeeSons Tree Farm

2008 4 CeeSons Christmas Tree Farm Newsletter

4 CeeSons Christmas Tree Farm will open for business Friday after Thanksgiving November 28th, 10am Ė 5pm. This is the only Friday we will be open.The next 4 Saturdays the farm hours are 10am - 5pm. (11-29 thru 12/20). The next 3 Sundays (11/30 thru 12/14) the farm will open at 1pm and close at 5pm.

The front field (as you come in the entrance) will be cleared of all trees misaligned (due to us widening the rows)!!These trees are nice and will be sold for $20.00 each no matter the height!These trees will be natural in color with no color enhancement.A few trees are 12 feet or taller.Again, come early and get your choice of a fresh Christmas tree.


This year we will have FRESH GARLARD in our Gift Shop.The garland will be $1.00 per foot.A 10 foot piece of fresh garland will be $10.00!!This fresh garland is made from white pine trees in North Carolina.Come early!!


Right at the farm, fresh wreaths are made of Fraser Fir or from trees straight from our field.This year 3 sizes of wreaths will be made.Prices are:

††††††††† Mini Wreath - $7.50 with bow

††††††††† Small Wreath - $16.00 with bow

††††††††† Large Wreath - $25.00 (with lights $28.00) with bow

††††††††† Small Wreath with candle table arrangement - $28.00 includes charge plate

Place a wreath order before Thanksgiving and arrange to pick it up the Friday after Thanksgiving and receive $2.00 off each wreath.


If you prefer the look and smell of the Fraser Fir, donít worry, we have them ranging from table tops to 9 feet in height!!Prices for the Fraser Fir are:

††††††††† Complete table top tree with stand and lights - $25.00

††††††††† Table top tree only - $10.00

††††††††† 9 foot - $65.00

††††††††† 8 foot - $55.00

††††††††† 7 foot - $45.00

††††††††† 6 foot - $35.00††††††