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Lutefisk & Shoo-Fly Pie

Welcome to our Genealogy and Family History web page. The 'Lutefisk' (cod soaked in lye) in the name refers to the ethnic food the original Andersen family enjoyed (?) in Tacoma, Washington. To Al and Gladys Andersen, as well as Jerry and Bert, 'lutefisk' meant 'Christmas'. It is certainly an acquired taste, but millions of Norwegians swear by it. (Neither Gladys nor Jerry ever quite acquired the taste.)

'Shoo-fly Pie', a Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy, because Shirley Tyson Andersen grew up in Lancaster, in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch country, and that is where Shirley and Jerry lived for the first year or so of their marriage. We came to love Shoo-fly Pie, as well as the rest of the wonderful food of that area, and were shaped by the food we ate, as well as the rest of the culture of the areas where we lived.

As the information on the Andersen family grew, and the website became larger and larger, and the research more time consuming, this project has become a two-person collaboration. My daughter, Vicki, and I are researching the history of our ancestors, including the following surnames: Andersen, Biddle, Clark, Fuller, Hart, Imhoff, Levenhagen, Mathison, Miller/Mueller, Minnich, Sinner, Tyson and Wertz. Here also are my family tree, Shirley's family tree, a Pedigree Index, a Search facility, and a little about me. We welcome inquiries and information about any of our families, and will be pleased to share whatever information we have.

In addition, for those researching Norwegians living in Washington State, here is information (including a list of members and their addresses) about Tacoma's First Norwegian Lutheran Church, from the 40th Anniversary Souvenir Booklet the church published in 1925.

Jerome "Jerry" Andersen

Vicki Andersen

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