Artist: Harry Chapin
Song: Danceband on the Titanic

Danceband on the Titanic
signing nearer my God to thee
The Iceburgs on the starboard bow
won't you dance with me?

Mama stood crying at the dockside
Saying "Please son, don't take this trip."
I said-"Mama, sweet Mama, don't you worry none,
Even god couldn't sink this ship!"
Well the whistle blew and they turned the screws
It churned the water into foam
Destination- Sweet Salvation
Goodbye Home Sweet Home
I'm in teh danceband on the Titanic
Singing Nearer my  God to thee
and the iceburgs on the starboard bow
Won't you dance with me?

There was a trombone and a saxophone,
The bass and drums were cooking on the bandstand
And I was standing in the middle with this dude on the fiddle
We were three days out from land

Now the foghorns jammed and moaning
Hear it groaning thru the misty night,
I heard the lookout shout down,"There's iceburgs around."
But still everything's all right.


They were burning all the flares for candles
In the banquet they were throwing in first class
And we were blowing waltzes in the ballroom
When the Universe went CRASH!

"There's no way that this could happen."
I could hear the old Captain curse
He ordered lifeboats away, that when I heard the 
Chaplain say," women, and Children, and Chaplains first."

Well they soon used up all of the lifeboats, but there were a lot of us 
left on board
I heard the drummer saying,"Boys just keep playing, Now were doing this
gig for the Lord."


Theres a wild eye boy in the radio shack
He's the last remaining guest
He was tapping in a Morse Code frenzy
Tapping- "Please god, S.O.S.!"

Jesus christ can walk on water, but a music man will drown
they say that Nero fiddled while rome burned up
Well I'll be strumming as the ship goes down.

Chorus( leads to a fadeaway where it sounds like the band is going under 

Its funny that you asked about this song, I am listening to it as I type.
If you can't get Danceband on the Titanic, the song is also available on 
the gold Medal Collection, which is in wider circulation than DBOTT.

Hope this Helps,