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Vietnam Maps

The 3rd Battalion 187th Airborne Infantry (Rakkasans) 101st Airborne Div. home base in 1970 was located at Camp Evans, South Vietnam. Here are two maps of the Hai Lang area where Camp Evans was located. The first map, Hai Lang is 1:50,000 in scale and was scanned in 6 parts to provide for good detail. Camp Evans is indicated in pen on the map, near the village of Phong Dien. The sections overlap a little so as to allow for easy viewing and continuation.

The second map Hai Lang Expanded is the same basic map but has portions of other maps added to it to expand the coverage area. This map is scanned in 12 sections. Many of the Division Fire Support Bases and Landing Zones (Rakkasan, Ripcord, Mooney, Jack, Helen, Strike and many others) are clearly marked on the map.

Many thanks to LTC Ted Mataxis (US Army Ret.) for having kept these valuable maps and the yearbook and for allowing me to use and scan them. LTC Mataxis was a young officer and served with 3rd Bn 187th Inf in 1970 as a platoon leader and company commander. I was a young Lieutenant and served with both Echo and Delta Companies in 1970. Must have been hiding when photos were taken and failed to get a book.

All pages are photo intense and contain thousands of bytes, so give them time to load.

The yearbook and maps can be obtained on CD-ROM at a minimum cost by contacting me for information.


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