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Dare County at a glance

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So here is a little bit about the area and EMS on the OBX
Dare County is a resort community located in North Eastern North Carolina covering some 800 Square miles.
We have a year round population of approx 35,000 and during the summer have a peak comined year round and
visitor population of over 250,000

The Outerbanks Hospital just opened this past spring. This is the first new Hospital to open in an area of
the state without a previous hospital in over twenty years. Prior to this patients were transported to tone of the
handful of Urgent Care Clinics in the county.

Dare County Emergency Medical Services provides Advanced Life Support care to the citizens and
visitors of Dare County. DCEMS does this through a hopefull eleven ground ambulances strategically
positioned throughout the county in our seven stations. Typically due to staffing shortages DCEMS has nine to
ten ambulances on the street with a minumum level of eight Ambulances. DCEMS also has one helicopter for Aero
Medical Evacuation to any one of our regional resource centers. Dare Medflight is owned and operated by
the county. If Dare Medflight is already out on a mission two other MedEvac Helicopters are also available.
Nightingale based in Norfolk Virginia or East Care based in Greenville North Carolina. Nightingale
is based from Sentera Norfolk General Hospital, and operated by Omniflight. East Care is based from
Pitt County Memorial Hospital and is operated by Rocky Mountain Helicopters. In select cases where
weather is a factor for any other MedEvac to fly the US Coast Guard will send one of its helicopters
based from the Elizabeth City, NC. The closest level one Trauma Canter is Sentera Norfolk General Hospital
in Norfolk, Sentera Virginia Beach General in Virginia Beach, VA is a level II Trauma center. The next
Closest level I trauma center is Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville, NC.

Dare county EMS uses a modified system status managment approach to provide coverage throughout the county. It is complex and
rather difficult to understand. We call these standbys and they are done over the course of your 24 hour shift.
Dare county EMS is also responsible for all transports out of the county from the many doctors offices, clinics, and even the great OBH


Medic 12 on scene, HIPAA doesn't apply to this pic either.
Medic 12 on scene with Colington Fire Dept at a working structure fire.

Each "First Due Ambulance" in each district is a Paramedic unit consisiting of said paramedic being partnered with
either an Emergency Medical Tech, or an EMT-Intermediate. On a typical day due to staffing shortages
the "second due" ambulance for ceartin districts will be an EMT-I level ambulance. Also most of the Fire Depts and all of the
Ocean Rescue agencies run a "First Responder" program, enabling a medically trained person to be on scene
within minutes

DCEMS currently uses Type III ambulances purchased from Taylor Made Ambulances. Ambulances were previously
purchased from AEV. These Type III ambulances are replacing the type II ambulances, commonly know as
a "Vanbulance". The replacement began in 1999 with three new ambulances being purchased each year. The Ambulances
are equipped with a wide array of life saving equipment reflecting the wide array of environments and types of calls
that are run. During 2002 DCEMS just purchased 15 new Physio Control Life Pack 12 monitor/defibulator. The LP 12's
help to bring DCEMS into a new era of Pre-Hospital medicine. The lifepack 12's are fully equipped with 12 lead
capability, defibulator, pacer, SPO2, ETCO2, and BP.

For a look inside of a Dare County Ambulance CLICK HERE


It was a dark and stormy night
Going to work can be an adventure

Click here to take a look at some of our EMS stations in Dare County

On scene at a 10-50 w/ DCSO and NCHP
NCHP patrol car in the foreground with a DCEMS ambulance in the background. No injuries

DCEMS visits MHS to talk about DWI

Pictures of DCEMS in action

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Pictures from Hurricane isabel - UPDATED

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Dare County EMS is a Paramedic level provider

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