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Hi there!

Welcome to Clarissa's Place! This is my site for dolls and miscellaneous other cute things. :) Please look around and feel free to adopt any of my dolls. That's why I make them! Just make sure you link back. If you'd like to use a banner, they can be found on my links page. This site is best viewed with Copperplate Gothic Light. I hope you enjoy your stay! And don't forget to sign the guestbook before leaving. :) Thanks!


May 29, 2002~ I'm sort of taking a break right now. Pretty much the only thing I'm going to be updating for a while will be the big doll contest. After that, there probably won't be anymore contests for maybe as long as a few months. I'll try to get the awards to the winners of the movie poster contest as soon as possible. The winners were as follows: Voter's Choice - Fifi, 1st Place - Moonsblu, 2nd Place - Cristiane, 3rd Place - Anouk. Congrats! I'm probably going to be closing my guestbook as well, since I will not have time to reply to your entries. My e-mail can be found at the bottom of each page, though, if you need to get in touch with me.

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This month is Fairy Spirit. Daniella, the webmistress, has beautiful hand drawn dolls, a doll contest calendar, and adorable little blinkies. Below are a few of her dolls that I thought were very well done and one of the blinkies. Click the banner to go to her site!

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Thanks to everyone at PPInk!

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