H i t o r i: Links


Shuffle Alliance Shrine to G Gundam 'Straya gave up, but Shuffle Alliance remains on the web. Perhaps a tribute to G Gundam's better days.

Absolutely Allenby! The first English webshrine to the Swedish Meatball Allenby Biazury. And it's run by the biggest Allenby fanboy since Wong Yun Fat. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Sympathy From the Devil It was only a matter of time before a Schwarz shrine popped up. What's more surprising is that it's mine.

Forever No Vegata/Bulma fan in their right mind would pass this site up. Trust me.

Fanfiction.Net This place must be legendary by now.

Otaku Revolution For a long time, this community was practically my home. Together, we went from MB to MB, when our original MB was shut down. I don't go there anymore--they've changed and I haven't--but not linking it just wouldn't have felt right. I feel silly for saying this, but I really love the people there. I keep telling myself I'll go back, but ten posts seems to be my limit.

Anime Web Turnpike Oh, Anipike, what would I do without you?

Zutto Issho Ni Worship! Worship the Domon/Rain shrine! You know you want to.

Solitude of a Falling Star I go here everyday. Seriously.

Ear-Tweak A very fun Inu-Yasha site, because like Kuro says, it's all about the boy with the puppy ears.

Banshee Productions.net If you are looking for good Naruto fanfiction, go here. There's some other stuff, but it's all overshadowed by the goodfic.

Crazy Sunshine If you are looking for good Naruto fanart, go here. There's also Gundam Seed and Full Metal Alchemist, which I imagine no one is opposed to. ^^

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