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Miscellenous Fanfiction

Full Moon wo Sagashite

1. Izumi Doesn't Know This
Izumi doesn't know this, but soon he shall make a large mistake.
Rating:G; Genre: Hmm..; Pairing:Izumi/Meroko?

2. Knocking on Heaven's Door
The path to Heaven was never paved by selfishness.
Rating:PG; Genre:Romance; Pairing:IzuMero


1. The Telephone Game
Several things prompted me to write this: First, I HATE how Bella Donna is treated by Gambit/Rogue fans. She is not an evil clingy harpy. Remy loved her, but in the end, he picked Rogue. She got the raw end of the deal, not Gambit. What's more, she generally GETS ALONG FINE with Remy and Rogue. She's a mite bitter, but over all maintains good humor over the whole thing. Second, I don't like how the X-Men treated Gambit during Milligan's run. They didn't care about him, they didn't listen to him and Rogue went so far several times as to try and make his desicions for him. I think those actions needed some repercussions.
Rating:PG; Genre:Conversation; Pairing:Gambit/Rogue, very minor allusions to Gambit/Bella Donna.

2. Ascendant
A Deck of Those
The Extensive Symbolism Found In Outerwear
Sa Maladie Imaginaire

This is a collection of stupid Evolution drabbles. I don't even like them and only wrote them so that the ideas would leave me alone so that I could focus on DECENT stories. Naturally, they are my only X-Men stories that anyone cares about.
Rating:PG; Genre:Stupid; Pairing:Gambit/Rogue

3. A Small Death
The premise of this story is "Death!Gambit's perceptions and interpretations of events are REALLY messed up." He equates physical pain with emotional, references things that didn't actually happen and jumps to redicious conclusions. And for some reason that I really don't understand at all, it's in a Rogue-centered C2.
Rating:PG; Genre:Crazy Shit; Pairing:Death/Rogue?, Pulse/Rogue?

4. Being Qua Being
Chapter One

I can't stand fanfics that have Rogue controlling her powers with no explanation at all, so it likewise bothered me when she could in X-Men: The End. Basically, this is a story in which Rogue's powers and her very body are taken out of her control even more than they already were. I think the people who have read the beginning are expecting a warm and fluffy story. No. Not this. There's some major blending of 616 and The End-verse, too. I want to use Death some (shocking, huh?), which means things like the Decimation of mutant kind and the death of the Grey family will be dealt with as well, considering all the mutants are powered and the the Greys are alive in The End.
Rating:Low now, probably higher later; Genre:Plot Device; Pairing:Gambit/Rogue, Cyclops/White Queen..maybe others.


1. The Uchiha Restoration
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Omake: Bonus Story
Author Notes

Sasuke has taken it upon himself to rebuild his clan, but it's not a burden he can carry alone. It takes two to tango, after all. Completed.
Rating:PG-13; Genre: Drama/Romance; Pairing:Sasuke/Sakura

2. Things That Cannot Be Fought
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

When war rocks Konoha, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura each discover something they didn't know they had and it will lead them to where they truly belong. Complete.
Rating:PG-13; Genre: I really have no idea; Pairing:None

3. Those Tears
Sasuke's weakness exposed.
Rating: G; Genre: Introspectiveness; Pairing: Guess.

4. The Flame That Burns Brightest
The flame that burns brightest was never lit at all but its warmth is enough.
Rating: G; Genre: Character interaction; Pairing: You see what you want to see.


1. Thirty Corrupt, Thirty Pure
A series of unrelated drabbles and one-shots focused on the Kazuya/Jun pairing from Tekken. Each story is based on one of 30 themes.
Starting from number one...

2. The Woman of White Wings
Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

The Fifth Tournament: Jin is fighting a losing battle against his Devil Self, while his father seeks to merge his two minds to one. When a long forgotten ally appears, not even she can say why. Angel-centric.
Rating: PG-13; Genre: I honestly couldn's say; Pairing: Minor references to KazuJun


1. Drabbles
Disclaimers and Notes

Six stories a page, a hundred words a story.
Rating:Varies; Genre: Varies Pairing:Varies

Yuu Yuu Hakusho

1. Shuffle
A little Yukina story set during the Dark Tournament. I wanted to add some Kuzuma/Yukina stuff, but it didn't fit with the overall story, so it didn't make the cut. Ah, well. Lots of brother stuff, though. When it's Yukina, that's kind of a requirement.
Rating: G; Genre: One-shot introspective; Pairings: None

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