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Naruto Fanart

Sakura holds injured Sasuke Because that just never happens. Right.
Sasuke in Blue I couldn't ink my pictures and no. 2 pencil just wasn't working out for me. So then I tried darkening my pictures with drawing pencils, but that made everyone appear expressionless. Then I remembered how I always used to draw in blue ballpoint pen.
Sakura in Blue I started a series of these sorts of melancholy poses in pen, but then realised that I could never pull it off with Naruto, so the series ends here. Just Sasuke and Sakura.
Being, as Naruto puts it, a "Sasuke-obsessed freak," I wanted to draw him post-costume change. However, my only reference pic was in black and white and I couldn't tell that his arm bands extended over all of his lower arm. I thought they were just elbow pads. I put him in a blue shirt with yellow elbow pads, which is quite wrong. Also, I messed up on his eyebrows, so he looks like he's about to cry, rather than snarling.
Drew Sakura with long hair though I like her better with short. I think short hair shows her true self more than long hair ever could.
Iruka-sensei is super-nice! Well, he is.
This picture is a private shame I stopped copying years ago, but I liked the idea for this one so much and I ever would have been able to shade the head-angle without copying by Masashi Kishimoto-sensei's poster.
I am SO obsessed with Sound-Nin Sasuke When I first heard of it, I was shocked and betrayed, and now I'm obsessed with the boy. I gave him a new outfit for no reason. As for the expression, this was going to be a comic where Sound-Sasuke runs into Naruto and Sakura and is supposed to fight them, but can't. Since I have terrible luck with such things, I quit after the first panel.
Sound Watches From a Distance Hm...Sakura notices something, but she hasn't found Evil Sasuke watching over her.
My Sakura pictures are so boring..
Hyuga Hinata This picture was cropped to death, because I made cute little Hinata's shoulders waaaay to broad. Anywho, as for Hinata herself, she's probably the Naruto character I identify with the most. She's quiet, shy, has no self-confidence, pressure from her family makes her miserable, she can barely speak to the boy she crushes... Oh, and I totally support Naruto/Hinata. Hopefully the two who are unloved and unwanted can find what they need in each other.
Sasuke the Graduate There is an arrow point to him, from the word 'Ninja.' When I doodle unserious pictures, I tend to have a million arrows like that explaining what things are, even when it's totally unneeded, like 'shirt' and 'hair'. I just felt like explaining that Sasuke is now a ninja.
The Official Uchiha Restoration pic. Only not. If you want to know what Sasuke and Sakura look like, clothing-wise, here you go. They'll never have this level of affection in my story.
The Konoha Baseball League Wouldn't Ninja skills make sports more interesting?
..I made a mistake.. Evil Sasuke, whom I love, repents, because I would also love to see him as Not Evil Sasuke again. I'm quite fond of him, you know.
Moving On Ino puts down her Sasuke plushie, and yes, that is a Shikamaru keychain. You probably can't tell...it's just a frowny face with a ponytail. I colored it with marker and messed around with it in FotoCanvas, the craptastic program I use because it's the only one I know how to use. Ino's crush on Sasuke isn't anything major, in my opinion. She didn't even like him enough to mention it to Sakura, her best friend. I think she only goes after him now to get back at Sakura for ditching her. She has a much better dynamic with her teammate Shikamaru.
You Wish You Were This Pure Haku looks like a giiiiirl!
*twitch* Eyebrows... I actually don't like Lee much and I feel bad about it. He deserves to be liked, don't you think? I just don't. I don't understand him. I would have quit by now.
Wind Like the song, the pic, not so much.
Progress, that.. I had a great time drawing this, since I often doodle Sakura in tradional dress. Of course it has it's problems. I dressed Sasuke like Goemon in Lupin III because I thought it suited him better, but while I was inking, I realised that I just dressed a ninja as a samurai. -.- Don't think so much...
Haruno Sakura: Kickin' butt and taking names.
Hinata, Neji and Hanabi Beware of white eyes.
Last Moment I think we all know what this is, even though I DID screw up royally on the clothing. Geez...you'd think I could have checked on that earlier than I did.
Naruto: Older, wiser and dressing like Jiraiya.
Sketchy Sakura Theatre I got this pose in my head and had to draw it, but then I didn't want to ink and erase the original lines and added some color... You know how these things are.
Naruto Portrait With Sasuke and Sakura in the background. I wasn't sure whether to consider this a Naruto pic or a Team 7 pic, but since I just threw Sas and Sak in there on a whim, I went with Naruto.
Little Date If NaruHina doesn't happen, I will offcially consider Kishimoto-sensei a sadist! I am 98% certain no Naruto couples will happen for a variety of reasons, but still... (The song 'Little Date' is my favorite Ranma 1/2 opening, btw.)
How Bothersome... I feel sorry for Shikamaru. He tries so hard to be average but is just so damn cool. He's in a normal chuunin get-up because my computer crapped out on me and I couldn't reference his clothes. I realize his hitai-ate is fastened differently from how he does it, but I couldn't figure how how to do it his way without his jacket.
Embrace Can I assume we all know my stance on Sasuke and Sakura?
Sasuke scars his teammates for life... Off topic, people started making a big to-do about Sasuke's blue highlights after his costume change. Um, he's always had blue highlights..those aren't new.
Hinata Hyuga training suit as seen in Neji's flashbacks and I guess that's it.
Sasuke Hinata always makes me think of Sasuke (the result of a really dark fic whose name I can't recall at the moment), so I drew him immediately after. Drew him in the half-kimono look again as its come to my attention that it's fine thing for him to wear after all.
ANBU Kakashi The page is somewhat gray and wrinkled after all the erasing I did to get his hair right. This is one of those extremely rare times when the scan looks better than the hard copy.
Sasuke-kun! Daato o shimasen ka! He says no because he's an idiot. I go back to correct my Japanese three times because I'm an idiot. It's probably still wrong.
Secondary Angst Bish This picture looked very good penciled, so I didn't ink it. Pencil doesn't scan very well and I don't know how to fix it.

The Kunoichi Series:
Yamanaka Ino: Sex Appeal
Haruno Sakura: Cheering Section
Tenten: Ready, Aim!
Hyuuga Hinata: I don't want to hurt you...
Temari: ..She will.
Mitarashi Anko: "Naruto-ish" Snake in the Grass
Yuuhi Kurenai: Genjutsu Girl
The lack of attention the female characters of Naruto get from both the creator and the fans pisses me off. So I did a series that features all the reoccuring Leaf/Leaf allies kunoichi. The intial idea was have their in-battle attitude, but that didn't hold up towards the end. Temari is in her Chapter 212 outfit, since that's when the Sand Siblings declare their alliance to the Leaf. I tried to keep the same color scheme she had going with her first outfit, because I didn't know what else to do. Kurenai looks somewhat vacant (sorry!!) but I left it that way because she looked pretty.

Back to normal...
Kakashi Kicks Butt at the Bell Exercise. Lookit. Is lil' Kakashi.
Sadness Loneliness. Wind.
Under the sunglasses? I think the reason that the members of the Aburame clan always wear sunglasses because they have no eyes, just holes for bugs to come out. And what a lovely thought that is.
Your Pain Is My Own This was drawn for a contest on DeviantArt's Sasusaku club and was there for about a month before I updated this page. Whatcha gonna do?
Sometimes, Jiraiya tries to teach his students things they are too young to understand.
A slight outfit modification to Sakura to make her look more ass-kicking-ish. These days, it's hard to beleive Inner Sakura's motto is "Fighting Spirit," huh?
Sakura's Love-love trance was iniciated by Sasuke needing to borrow a pencil. Next time, don't ask a fangirl.
Gaara is teh cool. Now that he's all stable, I really like him.
The Sand Siblings are teh cool. Temari is damn cool, too, though I could take or leave Kankuro. I'm hoping they get along better now.
VICTORY for everyone's favorite fox-vessel.
Sakura's backstory is so lame compared to everyone else's. No death, no horrible, life altering seals, she was just shy. She really should have more important things to worry about than the size of her forehead.
OSSU! Gaara wonders, 'Why do I hang out with him?' My guess is the general lack of hatred Lee aims at Gaara.
CHU! They say the Sharingan can predict techniques. Apparently, not the chu no jutsu.
Pre-genin Temari lets her hair down The fan came out really crappy, I know.
Itachi was such a sweet big brother. Sort of makes everything even worse, doesn't it?
Boku no kokoro ga itamu... Gaara <3
Still hoping for Sakura: Kicker of Ass.
Sasuke's Request No other ways have worked yet..
Naruto's dancing naruto to go with Ichigo's dancing ichigo.
Neji and a Bird It's his favorite thing, I suppose.
ANBU Itachi His mask is meant to be a weasel, because I'm just not all that original. It would be nice if people could tell that it was weasel without me telling them, but I'm not so sure that's possible. I had to look up what weasels look like and they don't have many distinguishing features to put on a mask.
This is a sort of failed experiment with perspective but I really love Gaara, so too bad.
Sasuke was cursed long before Orochimaru got to him. But, squiggles!
In my delusion, I once though Shikamaru/Ino was a given. But Temari is just as troublesome and actually interested, which makes Shikatema so much more fun.
Enemy of the Night Gaara turns from the moon with suspition.
GLOMP! Until recently, I was never sure what color to make Temari's new outfit, hence why its a reddish-purple color instead of the correct lavendar. Oh, and she glomped Shika.
Friendship..Protect my Soul I like to hope that now that Gaara has a grip on himself, he might be able to sleep, at least, when there is someone watching over him.
Misplaced Affections I'm working on a fic with this same premise, but since its not going well, here's a little comic.

The Kunoichi Series, Continued:
Tsunade: Punch the Shit Out of It
Shizune: Eeeh?!
Moegi: Let's Play!
Tayuya: Face the Music
Tsuchi Kin: Nothing Significant Whatsoever
I think there is somesort of blackhole that swallows up the female characters in this series. I remember them, though! I remember them all!

I play Gaara in a LiveJournal and AIM-based RPG that takes place six years after the current manga. My Gaara is a hunter-nin now, who though he only kills when necessary, he's still somewhat hostile. This picture is what I visualise his hunter outfit to look like--the mask is made of sand, which he forms and unforms as needed, a long sleeved fishnet shirt and black t-shirt with a leather vest over it. His pants are standard issue mid-calf lenght and he wears simple thong sandals that also strap over the heel. *Puts too much thought into these things*
Time Skip Imaginings I was trying to think of what Naruto and Sakura would like three years older, and on the way to what they'd be in the Team Seven at 20 fold-out from the first Animation Book. I'm finding thinking about that a lot more interesting than Kakashi's Gaiden, which is taking everything about Kakashi and saying, "He got it from his other guy."
Yay, I'm troublesome! A ShikaTema sequel to the above Lee and Gaara pic, "OSSU!"
I can heal you, if you'd let me. Somehow, Sakura as a Healer just SCREAMS Sasusaku at me. If there is anything Sasuke needs, its to be healed. More blending of current designs and the Team 7 at 20 designs. Sasuke as something which appears to be a tattoo of a tear on his cheek.
I'm really quickly losing interest in 'Naruto' First there was the year long storyline where nothing happened and then Kakashi's backstory of uber predictability. Thus, Gaara becomes the only interesting character. For some reason, I like the way his far foot turned out.
I force Sakura upon thee. I want the Part II designs, dammit!
I like people like you, too Hinata.
Yay, Part II! I wish people would stop griping about Sakura's power-up. She is training under the friggen' HOKAGE. Did you honestly think that was NOT a cop-out for a huge boost of skill?
Everytime we say good-bye...
It gets a little harder.

The Kunoichi Series, Part 3:
Rin: Wow, I am so insignificant.
Nameless ANBU Chick: Tears for Hayate.
I HAD to draw Rin for the Kunoichi Series after Kakashi's Gaiden, but I don't like her one bit. Her characterization is so inconsistant I can't stand it. Plus, since she didn't die, we can assume Kakashi never cared about her, since he's said everyone he loved died. I didn't want to draw only one girl for part 3, so I finally drew the Hayate-mourning ANBU, who I've been tossing around the idea of drawing since the first installment.

Gaara's mullet defies explaination. This is for a contest. As funny as I think it is, I would never have thought this up myself, much less actually draw it.
Ura-Gaara It occured to me that Gaara should be drawn a la Urahara of Bleach. The shadowed over eyes suits him so well.
Sakura's Victory Somewhere between Part I and Part II, Sakura becomes someone competent.
Random Sakura This one is pretty pointless.

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