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Miscellaneous Fanart


Rukia The juice thing in volume one is so cute. There are lots of cute things in Bleach despite the general non-cuteness of the atmosphere.
Orihime Orihime, likewise cute, but I really thought she'd die, back when she, you know, got killed.
The berry-head Seriously, when does anyone actually call him "Strawberry?" They don't.
I felt like an idiot when I realised "ichigo" meant "strawberry." I felt that called for dancing strawberries and a laughing Rukia.
I REPEL THEE! I like Orihime. She's sort of off-kilter in most respects, but she's got heart where it counts and a Shield of Six Dancing Flowers.
Urahara, baby! Behold my shitty marker work.

Fruits Basket

Yuki/Tohru fan here. Love the cutie mouse.
I wanted to draw Shigure in his Akito-visiting suit, but I think he looks more like he ought to be Sirius Black.
Hatsuharu's eyes are a massive pain in the ass to draw. I just could not do it. The bland eyes fit better than a "^_^" sort of thing.
I ponder the relationship between Momiji (which I pronounce Momitchi for no reason at all) and his younger sister, Momo, because you know, SPOILER. But anyway, if I was a little kid like her, I'd think a big brother to turns into a rabbit when you hug him would be awesome.
Random Tohru Drawing of Windiness Actually, I just wanted her to be whipping her head around really fast.
Haru and Rin It's amazing how different Haru looks this time than the last time I drew Haru. Rin is there this time. I love that couple.
This was drawn after the first session of a Furuba RP that never got off the ground. It's basically impossible to play Rin when Haru has no clue who you are.

Lupin III

Je ne ferais pas confiance a ce regard Officially, Lupin the Third does not have a first name or a nationality. However, given that he is the grandson of French literary character Arsene Lupin, I figure he has to be French and his first name is Arsene. Arsene Lupin III. Or, this could just be an excuse to use one of my favorite languages, French. (French and Japanese are my favorite languages, English is my native language and I've been known to study Spanish though I don't really care for it.)
Ishikawa Goemon This is my second Goemon picture. I couldn't stand to look at the first and threw it away, so I was really determined to do a good portrait of him. I'm really pleased with it.
Figure of Goemon I saw a figure of Goemon for auction on Yahoo!Japan whose pose I really liked. I quickly sketched it so that I could draw it sometime when I had more time, but in the end wound up just cleaning up the sketch, which, in the back of my mind, I'd known I would do all along.
The Broken Hearted 'Tut's (I can't spell his full name) 3000-Year Old Curse' is one of my favorite Lupin III episodes. Lupin's condition had Fujiko in a lot of pain. I like anything that shows that Fujiko has feelings for Lupin, so of course that episode ranks near the top. My very favorite episode is 'One Chance For A Prison Break,' (S1, E4): She admits straight out, at least to herself, that the loot never mattered to her and that Lupin was the most important thing in her life. AAAANNNNYYYYwho, I felt like drawing sad eyes and since I hadn't drawn anything for this section in a while, I stuck Fujiko around 'em.
He Seems Confidant but I think something like this really would catch him off-gaurd. She does love him though, she's just not dumb enough to get involved with him. (In one of Action Comics Lupin III publications [the one drawn by Shusay] there's this really cute story about them called 'My Lupin.' I love it. ^_^)
Ishikawa Goemon Juusandai Looking up the kanji for his name took so long, that I just used hirigana for "dai" rather than look it up. I still wonder if it's the same character as "sei" in 'Rupan Sansei."
So I came to my senses and wrote it in English the next time. I like this picture because a good portion of it was worked on in the car during a road trip and it still came out well.
Alternative motives My sister raised her eyebrows when she saw this, so I'm extra-glad I decided against giving Fujiko a garter. Not that it's questionable. AT ALL. Some people. Sheesh.


I'll save you the whole sordid story of my on again, off again relationship with Marvel comics. But like...12 years ago...when Blink died in 1994, I was one of those kids who was all, "NOOOOO! BLINK!!" And you know what? I still love the Blink.
Rachel and Kitty being all randomly mid-90's. I really can't stand Rachel's current look. She ditched her crazy mullet thing for a very boring haircut and stopped calling herself Phoenix. That's just so, so wrong. As for Kitty...I hear she's Joss Whedon's favorite character and gets all the best lines in 'Astonishing.' Good for her.
Nocturne and Bekka: Evolution Though I think Blink turned out pretty well, I totally lost my comic-style mojo after that, so I decided to try for Evo-style for Mystique's granddaughters. For TJ, I refered Evo!Kurt, Wanda and Mystique like mad; for Bekka, just Rogue. I'd planned to do Olivier, too, but I couldn't find any Evo!Gambit production art to work with. Which I guess is just as well, because if I had Olivier in there, I would really have to stick Kurt's son--who he named TJ and I think that's really bizarre--in there, too. And then Cerise Wagner would have been left out because I drew this a couple issues before she existed. ..Shutting up now.
Jubes I love this one..such attitude comes across. Why can't I project feeling like that more often? I absolutely love her mouth and have been trying to duplicate it ever since.
Rogue I hate the color yellow. I love that bodysuit--such a classic--so long as I don't get it in my head to color it. Which I did this time.
The Stepford Cuckoos. Best. Hive. Mind. Ever. I read New X-Men just for them. ..is that series still going? I've got a couple volumes of trades, but I haven't seen issues on the shelf since..ever. The have a different haircut everytime I see them..I was going for their look during the Foxx storyline.
Bekka is a Pirate More X-Men: The End love. Here's the speil that goes along with this over at my DeviantArt account.
A Real Phoenix, even if it is a Marvel Girl incarnation. I hate that on Rachel, I really do.
Older Evolution Rogue Totally boring. I'd wanted to do a Rogue/Remy pick with her wearing the coat (since that is SO his coat) but it wasn't happening.
Rogue and Death I foolishly assumed that since the last two Death Horsemen were more or less fine after the storyline was over, Gambit would be, too. Silly me. *bitter*
St. John and Wanda--Never Been Rollerskating This is actually a fanart from the fic "Nine to Five" by Goldylokz. Check it out!
GAMBIT! I felt up to tackling a male character. Drawing one, that is. I LOVE the 12-isse Gambit series and how he wears his hair in a bun in it. That is so insanely adorable.
Pretty much the same spiel Playing with poses, though.
Two Phoenix For the Price of One Jean and Rachel. I meant this to be Evo-ish, but I didn't have any references and couldn't remember what Jean looked like, so its not.
Rogue Shot Um..its Rogue.
Careful, Careful... FINALLY, a Rogue/Gambit drawing! Yay, Rogue and Gambit!
The Adventures of Circle Eyed Gambit
Circle Eyed Gambit in "My Two Circle Eyed Dads"
The Adventures of Circle Eyed Wolverine
Circle Eyed Gambit: Evolution
Classic Rachel Fire birdy, please. Actually, this looked lousy with the whole bird effect, so its just a fire background.
Poke, Poke Another Remy and Rogue pic. Um..I don't like it very much. I had to color it for the character recognition, but the background is a total nightmare.
Bekka Raven: Still a Pirate I drew this at work on white lined paper. It's cleaned up thanks to my friend who posted a tutorial on DA: Here.
Jubilee and Her Crazy Hair I just can't accept Jubilee's shoulder-length straight hair. To me, she has to have the short, spikey hair. Which ages me, now that I think about it.
Despite the fact that this image does her absolutely no justice whatsoever, I actually like Sage a lot.
Evo!Rogue Utterly nondiscript.
The Ante: Post Mortem This is a fanart from a fanfic. The spiel is there in the DevArt blurb.
Blink, significant in how much I had to change digitally, because I made a lot of stupid mistakes on the paper version.
Yeah, you think you scare me? I wish Rachel would let her Hound marks/outfit show. The Shi'ar are on this campaign against her, but there's nothing anyone can do to her that's worse that what's already been done. I think it is high time she let that show.
For some reason, I thought long and hard about what I would do if I was writing a fifth season of X-Men: Evolution. And one of the things I came up with was move Bobby from New Recruits to the X-Men and have Illyana take his place with the kids.
Old School Shadowcat Someday, I'll draw her as she is now. But not today.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

For the unintiated, PGSM is the live action retelling of Sailor Moon. It is rather unlike both the manga and anime. Here we have Mizuno Ami in her summer school uniform. And I really just like "Nephiekichi."
Idols Idol Aino Minako-chan and up and coming (forced) idol Mars Reiko-chan, in a duet. Let's (not) all pity poor Rei.
To make a long story short, I am quite the Nephrite/Ami fan. They had the beginnings of a rather cute little relationship going when the world ended. Unfortunately, the Four Generals aren't reborn in any version of Sailor Moon.
Somewhere along the line, Venus became my favorite Gaurdian. Still made about a million mistakes on her outfit, though.

Shaman King

Itako no Anna Anna, because I can't seem to manage Yoh's hair.

Space Cases

ZABAGABE! As if it wasn't obvious what a dork I am! No..I love Space Cases.
Radu and Elmira Do not tempt me into going on a tangant about why I love them together. It will be long. Though here I didn't actually draw them together, I just noticed the two images seemed to have the same atmosphere, so I put them together.

Tanemura Arina

Angel in my Eyes What got me into my latest series obsession? A huge spoiler about a little angel. And although I wish Access Time had more screen time, Fin Fish quickly became my favorite character.
Kamikaze Kaitou A Jeanne profile, which makes it somewhat hard to tell if this is Jeanne's first or second Magical Girl outfit. (Answer: it's neither. Missing something from both versions: the first would have purple suspenders and the second would have a white flower with her hair ribbon.)
Maron which makes me think I ought to draw Chiaki, too.
Chiaki, kinda Doesn't really look like him at all, got the hair totally wrong. Meh.
Collection Complete Take one cute pencil doodle, mess around with it in Photoshop until you've got something weird.
Angel's Prayer More Fin Fish.
Access Time Access Time is such an adorable angel, so I'm never happy about his lack of presense in the anime, but he's so hard to draw that I can see where the animators are coming from...
A manga Fin Fish because the anime is just so disappointing.
A simple portrait but I like it all the same for Maron's hair and the shading on her gymnastics ball.
Translation: "This night, I have once again taken a deceitful beauty." Or something to that effect.
The KKJ section was turned into the Tanemura Arina section because she's a favorite mangaka of mine Anyway, this is Meroko, from Full Moon wo Sagashite, as she appears in the very end of the anime. Yeah, that's a spoiler.
You won't know this character unless you've got volume seven of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and flipped to the end where there are some random doodles. I imagine you could guess, though, given the angelic features super-imposed on her.
Juntenshi Access Black wings aren't forever.
Rock and Roll Princess Mitsuki, the main character of Full Moon. Inspired a bit too heavily by the second opening.
Meroko ALA the manga And upset, possibly recently dumped by Izumi.
Fin Fish and Access Time I like it when Access floats upside down.
I really hate it when you have a clear image in your head of what you want to draw, but it just won't get on paper. I don't like anything about this picture and I don't know why I'm posting it.
Despite the fact that Izumi looks really femimine with the bow around his neck, I really like this picture. I also really like Izumi and his floppy doggy hat and the fact that he's not really a manipulative bastard in the Full Moon manga, like he is in the anime.
Access is yelling at someone here I was originally going to have him saying, "Chiaki sucks, Maron!" or just being generally complaintive, but the tilt of his head kept reminding me of when he was whining about a Kurotenshi (black angel) being so much smaller than a Jatenshi (fallen angel). I suppose what I've really drawn is an angry prayer.
This is the first drawing in my new notebook. The first drawing of the previous notebook was also Fin Fish, though that was True Angel Fin, as opposed to Fallen Angel Fin. Have I improved?
Beedah! Partially pig-tailed Access Time expresses his thoughts on such things.
A Meroko pic I forgot all about. Which should tell you how forgettable it is.
Feather of Light I am still playing with Photoshop. I colored this one because for my third-in-a-row new notebook Fin Fish drawing, I did a horrible job, so I colored this older one to make up for it.
My drawings never have a very high level of detail. This Meroko drawing was an attempt at both detail and sexiness. It didn't really turn out that great.
Fin in Heaven First, I drew True Angel Fin as the first drawing of a new notebook. Then Fallen Angel Fin. For my newest notebook, I went for Fin-In-Heaven before becoming a fallen angel. I don't like it at all.
Fallen Angel Fin In keeping with the tradition.
Fin beckons the new notebook.


These first three drawings will show quite clearly who my favorite characters of the Iron Fist are. Oh, and Jun gives Kazuya a lil' kissy.
It's really hard to be a mindless fangirl of a fighting game when you can't draw muscle well. Or at all. Kazuya wipes blood trickling from his mouth.
They brought back Kazuya, they should bring back Jun. How about "When Orge was killed, all the souls he ate were free to live again, but Jin was so good at hiding, even his mom couldn't find him"? Jun reaches out (presumably to Kazuya).
Jin has no arms. He does not need them. Well, he probably does. Too bad for him.
*blush* Erm, I'm not entirely sure I should upload this, but you can't see anything. Jun, wearing the jacket of Kazuya's purple suit (and nothing else.)
Markers bleed like you wouldn't friggen' believe, which is what happened to the eyes and the lines and about three sheets of paper..
A Quiet Moment of the short romance of Kazuya and Jun.
On paper, this is blindingly pink. The dullness of the scan is fairly disappointing.
Kazama Girls Jun's face doesn't look right, nor could I find a good picture of her Tekken Tag Tournment outfit with the green-grey tunic. Asuka, I'm pretty pleased with, though I gave up on trying to get the pattern on her tunic exactly right.
This picture was supposed to have Angel and Devil arguing in it, while Kazuya tries (and fails) at ignoring them. This was just not happening, so I threw the text in.
Jun's crazy Tekken Tag Tourney outfit is so crazy.
Asuka is not a Whore Which begs the question, "Why does she dress like that?" It also begs the question, "Why do I love that outfit so much when I normally hate things that have the message 'Female Characters=Sex Object?'" Thirdly, why did I spent most of Asuka's money turning her tunic, gloves, in-step gaurds and headband red and giving her a giant red ribbon when I could have been saving up for the the outfit?
A Little Bit of Laughter I don't have too much to say about this one other than dispite the fairly messed up positioning, I like it.
Love and Confusion are Not the Same Thing. Because sometimes I have to change Counting Crows lyrics to convey what I'm thinking.
Same as above, but in glorious techicolor. (I'm so bad at CGing. This was my second attempt.)
Another CG shot Can you tell I love Jun's green outfit? Or that I can never remember what it looks like?
Kazuya and Jun Yet again.
Xiao, looking cute. TOTALLY anime-ized, but believe it or not, its a shounen style.
Devil Jin Must admit, I perfer my devils purple and fuzzy.
So, who's your preferred Williams sister? Here's mine. Anna, thank you.
The Way It Was I was so proud of this because there is so much detail and a background, but it serious sucks. So, yeah.
I may have gone overboard with the blushing. KazuJun
And That's The Lesson For Today Asuka, in her all her beat-you-up-and-call-it-justice glory.
What Good Would the trench coat be if not to facilitate KazuJun?
I wish I knew some way of making backgrounds. I sort of want Kazuya trapping Jun but there's no wall. Not that I know any reason that she would be walking into a wall...
I don't remember when I drew this and consequently, I don't remember what I was thinking. KazuJun. Duh.
One day I decided that I'd been neglecting my DeviantART account, so I drew this. KazuJun.
Jin Gets Devilized! I actually saw "Get Devilized" on a t-shirt once, but it was Kazuya, not Jin.
Pen Tool Project 1: Asuka
Pen Tool Project 2: Kazuya
Pen Tool Project 3: Jun


I refuse to admit how much work when into drawing the gun as accurately has I could.
Twenty years in a plant bulb and your hair would be gross, too. Trigun vol. 2 is a wonderful thing, just so you know.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho

REIGAAAA~N! There is something really, really wrong with the perspective on this picture. Yusuke's arm is just ...wrong. The 'ga' is funky because I originally wrote 'gu.'
..Kazuma is waaaay to coherent given the circumstance. Geez..I love Kuwabara/Yukina so much. If she had any clue what was going on, I think Yukina would return his feelings. Or maybe she just seems more fond of him than she actually is because she's the only freakin' character on the show that's NICE TO HIM! But then again I did see this manga scan of Yukina all starry-eyed over him which is really cute, so maybe she really is sweet on him. Grarg..I love 'em both.
The Flying Shadow I was so proud of this picture until I realized I messed up on his hair. T.T I can't get anything right.
I can just hear Dub-Yusuke saying "This is stupid." ..He says that a we lot.
Been reading too much Shonen Jump But, I really like the way Togashi Yoshihiro-sensei does profiles. They're very soft. I don't have a style, per se, but I tend to give faces sharp angles. This Keiko profile is totally curved, which gave me a bit of trouble around her nose.
Juri AKA the second announcer girl I really hate drawing in pencil, but this time, it's a good thing I didn't ink the final product, because I got pretty much every detail wrong and was able to go back and fix it.
Kuwabara Kazuma He looks like some sort of zombie...
Remember kids, it's not Death if it doesn't say "Bingo!" I love the effect on this one. Also, notice the decent hand I drew.
Kazuma-san! Casually dressed Yukina is pretty cute, ne? She's greeting Kazuma, of course. Oh, and the heart locket.. Well, she gave her Tear-Gem necklace to Hiei, so I figured she needed a new necklace..
Yukina's hair is green this time. I'm never sure what color to use... You may have noticed.
Mukuro and Hiei She's probably the only one who can get away with that. Anywho, after drawing the Hiei/Botan request, I had to draw my Hiei perference.
As if it wasn't obvious, Yukina is one of my favorite characters, but it's mostly because she's soooo nice to Kazuma, whom I love.

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