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Rumiko Takahashi Fanart

This section contains fanart for Inu-Yasha, Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura.


Removing the Rosary Intially, I thought if Inu-Yasha and Kagome ever got together, the beads would have to go... Kagome having that sort of control over someone she's in a relationship with is kinda sick, I think. But the more I think about it, the more I realize Inu-Yasha will still be Inu-Yasha and dammit, Kagome wouldn't be able to keep her sanity if she couldn't slam him to the ground with a word.
Doggy-Style Kiss Yes, I know Inu-Yasha kisses like a normal person, but I think it would be cuter if his first instinct was to lick. Tell the truth, I don't even know if dogs lick their mates...they might bite them or something. And Kagome looks more like Melfina from Outlaw Star.. I blame the eyes, but it could be the lines on her face, or both.
Kagome, SD I have a lot of trouble drawing Kagome's bangs, so that was the main idea behind this pic. She's SD, I don't know why.
I'm even a bad speller in Japanese I can't spell to save my life, so I tend to use small words when I'm on line to save myself the embarresment. Apparently, I'm just as bad a speller in Japanese, as this picture of Kagome Higurashi says Kagome HiRAgurashi. I tried to touch it up with the clone tool, but it just didn't work.
Lollipop With all those lollipops Kagome gives to Shippou, she's got to have one herself every now and then, otherwise, why would she have even thought of them? ..Maybe Sota likes them?
Kagome and the Shikon Jewel Finally! That's over with!
Unless you want me to sharpen my claws on your skin... A trio of scratches adorn Inu-Yasha's face (I think it was from a battle with Sesshoumaru, but it could have been Naraku, I don't remember). I don't know why I like those scratches so much, but I do.
Furyo Houshi Miroku. I'm branching out and drawing other members of the Inu-Yasha cast. Also, it was soon after drawing this that I realized Anime-Miroku and Manga-Miroku's staffs are slightly different. This one is Manga, if you care..
Kagome Profile That about says it all.
Sango Sango, Sango, I drew Sango!
I know some people who aren't familiar with Inu-Yasha and they are all very impressed with this picture, but all I can do is nitpick. I forgot to draw the rosary and his haori isn't loose. Also, that little black string, whose function I can't figure out, is drawn wrong. Stupid traditional Japanese clothing...
Kagome says "Good morning!" says the picture.
Non-descript Kagome picture Discription not included. Comments avaible upon request.
Rin Loves Sesshoumaru-sama! Sesshoumaru loves Rin! No one likes Jaken! And I broaden my Inu-Yasha drawing horizons.
Move it or Lose it Around the 40's in the anime, Miroku and Sango get pretty cute. Had to draw 'em, even if Sango pretends not to like the attention. Or maybe she just knows that hand is about to make its way to her rear.
Meh. I have nothing to say. (I doubt anyone cares.)
Sango draws her sword Hm..she might be a bobble-head...
Happy, happy! No comment, no comment
Make A Wish! Somewhere along the line, I decided I loved the Inu-Yasha/Kikyo pairing. Their romance was doomed because they were unable to trust each other and its so sad because they both wanted to be together so badly.
Happy Happy Love Love The poor dental technology of the Sengoku Jidai will sadly not be able to help any cavaties gained from Miroku and Sango. Their love lives are really about ten bajillion times easier than poor Inu-Yasha's...
Posession Still really liking Inu/Kikyo and no lynch mob yet. Nice.
If you look at the hair, you can tell that this started out as Kagome, but luckly, I caught early on that this picture was really saying 'Shippou.'
Change the World Going for the jumping-down-the-well thing.
My favorite character in this whole series is Rin. She's just too cute. And even though he doesn't really take care of her at all, I like the thought of Sesshoumaru in a parental position.
A Family, Of Sorts Personally, I've always thought of Inu-Yasha, Kagome and Shippo as a family unit. Kinda.
Rin is my favorite character.
Because of Rin, Sesshoumaru gets great character development as a redeemable villain.

Ranma Nibunnoichi

Dismayed Girl-Type Ranma has just realized his curse-from wears make-up. Blue-purple eye shadow, at that.
Ranma in the Furo The Ranma characters sure spend a lot of time bathing, but since so much of the early comedy at least involves someone walking in on someone else naked,so I guess it makes sense. Anywho, we've got a kinda depressed Ranma here, lounging in the bathtub. Guess surrounded by hot water is the only way he knows he's not in danger of turning into a girl.
Totemo Kawaii Akane is so NOT kawaikune. Nice grammer, by the way, Ranma. It's 'Kawaikunai,' but I suppose you have to talk like a tough guy.
More Than Anything Else this picture showcases my inability at drawing hands. But someone who I was working on a group project with flipped through my sketchbook and liked this one, so I guess it's not as bad I think. ...So, how long will it be before Akane puts out a mallet because Ranma is that close, hm? Oh, and by the way, Ranma's hand is on Akane's far shoulder and she's got her hands griped over her heart, like it's a flutter or something. Betcha couldn't tell. Hell, I drew it and I can barely tell.
Lambada Ranma Okay, this picture really has nothing to do with the song, but I really like the song, and Ranma-chan's wearing my favorite of her outfits. It's girl Ranma for no reason. I like boy Ranma so much better. *sings* Uchi no Tendo Dojo...
Akane-chan sitting on ..nothing.. I just wanted to see if I could do that position. Apparently, I can. Takes A LOT of construction lines, though.
I think her shirt says 'Tendo Dojo' but since I just copied the kanji from a Ranma book, I don't really know. It would make sense, though, since the two middle characters are the same. They would both read 'do.'
Long hair is uncute Look at it! Uncute, uncute!
Do you think Kasumi is happy? I don't see how she could be. I mean, it's one thing for a 30-something year old woman to be a housewife and be completely fulfilled in life, but a 19 year-old girl being forced to live like one is something else entirely.

Urusei Yatsura

It was an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny yellow tiger-striped bikini I disliked Lum for a very long time based solely on her outfit. But, after I'd been into Ranma for a while, I started poking around UY websites and was interested enough to buy the first two issues when I found them. You know what? She ain't that bad.

Mermaid Saga

My Immortal? Yuta and Mana of the Mermaid Saga. Immortal lovers searching for mortality. (Though even though they are described as lovers on the book, the series only seems to get as far as Yuta thinking Mana has fallen for him. Are they actually hooked up? I have no idea.)

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