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Harry Potter

Snape Okay, I'm not one of those rabid Snape fangirls who kid themselves into thinking Snape is hot (you girls ever read the descriptions of him? Long greasy hair, hooked nose, ugly, ect...), but he IS my favorite Harry Potter character. He's a tragic hero or something...he's always trying to do what's best for Harry, and yet all the Gryffindors hate him. He either saves Harry or damn well tries (sometimes, like PoA, there isn't anything to save Harry from; Snape didn't know Sirius was no threat) in every book, and Harry still thinks Snape's behind whatever little deed is going on. Get a clue, Harry. Snape's the only character who doesn't go around worshiping Harry's scar; he just treats him like every other Gryffindor. And Harry WANTS to be treated normally.
School Girl, er, Witch I love Hermione almost as much, though I really don't know why. Maybe being Muggle-born and bred makes her more easy to relate to or something..
Slimey Git Given how thin I drew Severus here, I would have changed it to Azkaban!Sirius if not for the overly large, hooked nose that was the first thing I drew.
Look at her teeth! Hermione, drawn to resemble her first appearance. I made the Hogwarts robes resemble what's in the American verion book illustrations for no particular reason. I like the cross-hatching-ish stuff, though.
Herm..Comatose..?This picture and the next I never intended to scan. They are just little doodles done when bored (this one in Calculus), but I haven't updated the Harry Potter section in so low that when I found them while rooting through a desk drawer, I figured, 'Why not?' Anywho, this is Hermione with her eyes glazed over in Prof. Binns' class after the gang was up most of the night looking for something. I don't remember what book it's in, but I remember the scene. She wasn't taking her normal notes.
The Waiting is the Hardest Part A sketch of Ginny, drawn on the back of a printed e-mail that was in my purse, done whilst waiting for my laundry to finish up. I was really, really, really looking forward to The Chamber of Secrets movie and was really, really disappointed. And by the way, I don't usually carry e-mails in my purse, but this one was an invoice for some manga that I needed to send a money order for. Needed the address.
Hermione, Again I was really, really, really looking forward to some new Ron/Herm stuff in OotP. I was disappointed, but remain hopeful as the two prefects weren't featured as promenently in this book as in past ones. Any developing, or lack thereof (Ron has the emotional range of a teaspoon and all) would not be done in front of Harry.
My sketchbook lies on the floor, open to this picture, half-finished. My sister comes in, sees it and says "Is that Snape or Sirius?" I say, "It's Lupin." She says "It looks like Snape or Sirius." I say, "It's Lupin." "Hair's too short to be Sirius, but it's too long to be Snape." "It's LUPIN." You get the idea. I didn't point out that Snape is always discribed as having long hair.
I hoped Ron would be a prefect. He was. Yay.
I hoped Hermione wouldn't be one She was. Oh, well. I wound up drawing a series of the trio in their fifth year. But, I changed the design of their robes everytime, because I've never quite managed to make one I like.
Harry, I didn't know what to expect I was quite surprised by his moodiness. But, a lot of people have pointed out that it is normal teenage behavior.
Mama! I'm a real witch now! I felt terrible about that last picture..I spent about 15 minutes on it. That lead to a few more serious artistic attempts on my part, the first, being a picture of Lily Evans, fresh out of her first year at Hogwarts.
Lily was, of course, followed by James. This expertiment with style didn't go well. At all.
Looking at Japanese fanart and buying the Chamber of Screts DVD can only yeild one hybrid Unless you're more imaginative then me, anyway...
Hiding Sirius Black under his cloak after all I told myself I'd draw whatever I opened up to in Prisnor of Azkaban. "None of us is hiding Sirius Black under our cloaks. Go." --Remus Lupin
Hiiiii, Harry Hey, it's Cho Chang! She's not going to be in the third movie, so when she does appear in the fourth, or maybe even fifth, she'll appear as if from no where! Aren't the movies handled well?
Luna Lovegood--The Official Mary Sue I couldn't ever form an opinion on whether I liked Luna or Tonks. They were both so Mary Sue-ish. I read something about a "Weasley cousin" who was cut out of the fourth book that JKR really liked, but had no room for. Until I hear something on that matter, I'll be wondering if Luna or Tonks evovled from said cousin.
Aren't you ever going to read 'Hogwarts, A History'? Nope. ^_^
If you asked why I always imagine Ginny in pigtails, I really wouldn't be able to tell you. It's just the way she is in my head.
Luna Lovegood My pictures of her never capture the character..I focus too much on The Quibbler and forget about her oddities.

Lord of the Rings

Undomiel It's really hard to do LotR fanart not influenced by the movies. I like the movies, I respect the movies, but the books are better. But I just can't help but visiualize them in my mind and on paper to be like the movies.
Estel Ditto.
Legolas I will make no secret of this: I HATE movie Legolas. He is USELESS and only speaks to point out the obvious. In the books, Legolas is one of my favorite characters. He's cheerfully snobbish. Even though I really like movie Legolas' hairstyle, I wanted to distance my fanart of Legolas as much as possible, which is pretty difficult. (And you wouldn't know it from reading InuYasha, but drawing someone using a bow is really hard.)

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