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Memories and Impressions


These shots were taken between June 16th and June 26th, 2000.

 oki1.jpg (62649 bytes)                 oki10.jpg (91461 bytes)                  oki11.jpg (92967 bytes)   

oki12.jpg (92436 bytes)                  oki13.jpg (105707 bytes)                   oki14.jpg (55243 bytes)  

 oki15.jpg (64603 bytes)                 oki16.jpg (70877 bytes)                  oki17.jpg (72578 bytes)   

oki2.jpg (84356 bytes)                  oki3.jpg (38615 bytes)                  oki4.jpg (54686 bytes)

oki5.jpg (79151 bytes)                  oki6.jpg (78491 bytes)                  oki7.jpg (79021 bytes)   

oki8.jpg (67381 bytes)                oki9.jpg (71247 bytes)   

This is just a taste.  I have many more to print and I'm excited

about seeing them.  I hope you enjoy.  As usual these are all

copyrighted images and I ask that you don't use them for

anything other than personal reasons whatsoever.  I'll post more

as I get them done.  My e-mail address is:

and I welcome any comments and criticisms.