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John Wise  birthday dance 


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The Junk Yard Vinyl Party Held in Harrisburg N.C.


Some of the Steppin Out Shag Club member's who attended, 

Everyone is already planning for next year. Don't miss it.


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The Boulevard Grill


The thrill is gone



Anyone who has been to SOS week or just to the Beach has had to stop and eat at the Boulevard Grill.

They served the best hamburger's and French fries you could get anywhere.

The beer was always cold, and the service was always quick.

It was hard to get a seat inside because it was always full of people who come to enjoy the Beach life,

Beach Music and just being at the Boulevard. We will miss you.




SOS time is getting closer by the day. We all who are able to make the trip again this year will miss one of our favorite place's to eat. The boulevard Grill has closed after all this time. We will miss stopping by and eating a hamburger and fries, drinking a cold one. 

We still have our other place's we enjoy going to;













              Shaggin in the Vines

                  Autumn Creek

A few of the Steppin Out Shag Club member's attended the annual Shaggin 

  at the Vines party held July 11,2010 in Stoneville, N.C.

They did a dance routine called ' Why don't we just dance'



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Jimmy Fair and John Wise Retirement Party


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