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Welcome to the Magic Guild of Vane

Why a Lunar TSSS RPG?

Alex, a young boy from the village of Burg is convinced to go on a short adventure to 'The Ice Dragon's Cave' by his friend Ramus. Luna, his childhood sweetheart, and Nall, his flying pet, also decides to come along. However, they did not actually expect to meet a real dragon there, which they did! It turns out that the dragon is actually rather friendly and he gives them a diamond. Unfortunately, they can only sell something that expensive in the city of Meribia, on the other side of the ocean. Luna decides that she cannot leave her home, but due to the love in her heart for Alex, she follows him in his journey across the sea.

Greetings! Welcome to the Magic Guild of Vane, a Lunar TSSSC based PBEM Rpg. Lunar TSS was my favorite game series on the ancient sega cd, and probably the life blood that kept it alive for it's short lifespan. When Lunar TSSSC came out for the playstation, I pushed my way through the crowd of people to purchase my copy, and was immediatley hooked upon the game. Even though we know the storyline for this playstation classic, much more happened in between events, and some some events or such we slightly wanted to change. That's where this RPG takes place. To role play our way through the story, and in between. but more importantly, it's here for us to have fun in the world of Lunar!

-Romi Ferrente', Magic Guild GM

Rpg has started, but applications are still being taken!

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Lunar and Magic guild are all copyright of Game Arts/Working Designs. All artwork and such is copyrighted to its perspective artist, author, etc.

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