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Silver and Gold---Backstreet Fan Fiction

Hey! Thanx for stopping into my little space on the web. This is my way to escape from the REAL WORLD so i hope you all enjoy it as well. Hopefully, you will find yourself getting lost in one of my stories. If you do, then i have succeeded as a writer. Of course, I love the backstreet boys. Not only do i think they are all very fine looking men, i respect them both as people and as artists. For me i was a fan of the music first...

With that said, lets get onto what we came here for, the stories. Sit back, put your feet up and lose yourself in them. ENJOY!!

**DISCLAIMER** i do not know, or claim to know, the backstreet boys, their management, their family, or their friends. I wish i did. These stories come straight from my imagination...only FICTION....

**UPDATE-April 9th, 2002**


Well, I have finally done it...a completely new look for this site....well, I just kind of gave it a facelift...took it away from the Millennium era....I've changed things around a bit...and added some stuff...Story wise, i only have four of my short stories up at the moment. I will be adding more in the near future

Some of you may know that i'm a huge fan of the Irish band, Westlife...please visit my brand new Westlife Fiction site here...It's not much yet, but i'm hoping to build up both of my sites very soon...

I still have more things to come, so check back often...

Check out my award winning story, We've Got Tonight, which is completed and on a site of its own. I am extremely proud of this story, as it is my favorite of all i have written!!! Click Here to read it.

Also, if you have any comments on any stories or just want to know what i'm up to in my writing escapdes, email me! Or leave a message in the guestbook, I'm always checking it!!! Thanx again!!! Until next time, ENJOY the stories....

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**COPYRIGHT** these are MY stories. I wrote them, they came from MY mind. It's not nice to steal other people ideas...dont steal mine. We all have our own creativity, let yours flow!!!!

In the words of Nick Carter..."To His His Own!" (said Feb 15th in Albany NY...aired on mtv interview)

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one final note, please send all email (including feedback, dead links, or anything else to... Thank you!!!