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Ultimate Handeling

The Best Handeling Car...Period.

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Has your stock suspension been leaning too much in the twisties? Maybe you just can't get the car to corner without spining out. Well here is the solution! Best of all, we did it for free by just doing a little scavenging. By simply finding some sort of rod, we were able to extend our wheels/axels out approx 2 feet from the car. This also allowed us to set up a performance alignment. With this combo, we achieved 3.5 G on the skidpad!!! Isn't that up there with fighter planes? And best of all, we didn't even need one of those expensive 5 point harnesses. (Kinda makes you wonder why all those Honda drivers think they do) Read on for step by step directions

Step 1

First, find the materials you will need. These consist of rods to extend the axels, and zipties.

Step 2

Next, secure the new axel extensions to the car. We used a fairly thick piece for the rear, as this is a rear wheel drive car. Front wheel drive car would want a larger piece in the front. This piece also happened to be aluminum, which is much lighter and helps a lot as anythime you can reduce reciprocating weight, it is a major impovement.

Step 3

Now the alignment. You want to tilt the top of the wheel inwards, so when the car rolls in a corner, it rolls onto the tread, rather than off of it. This aspect of alignment is called camber. You can set yours up with the same amout as our, or experiment and find the best for your car.

Step 4

Finally, we assembled the front suspension. You will need two separate bars, as opposed to just one really big one in the rear, as you must be able to turn the wheels in order to steer the car.

Final Product

Here it is...the best handeling car ever. Lookout Lotus owners, this bug just might out corner you.