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To continue, we added a much needed racing stirpe and windshiled banner. Now, the car started to pick up some noticeable horsepower. The chrome only added 300hp, so we barely noticed that, but this added 763hp. Kinda noticed that in the seat of the pants.

Windows? Who the hell uses those anyway? Any good rice boy hangs his head out the window so he can yell at them honez easier.

The tube on the end of the papertowels works well as an air splitter, so we suggest just leaving it on

Check this out. If we did a red "R" it would violate the rule of contrasting colors. So we went for the Type G. Because G is for Green and Green means GO!!! Just like R is for Race.

"Ghetto Superstar, that is what you are..." Hell Yeah! Dats what Im talkin bout. I think this meets the minimum requirement of covering 50% of your windshield.

Stinger made from the tube in the aluminum foil.

Yes its true.

A final word to leave you with.