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This is a poem I saw at

Bright bluish fog lights and big yellow Stickers
Turn up the volume my headlights will flicker

I think I look cool from the attention I bring...
Scraping the speed bumps from cutting my springs.

Large yellow shift lights on auto transmissions,
Speakers so loud that you'll scream in submission

My car really flies 'cause it has this big wing...
But nothing compares to me cutting my springs.

When the bull stops, when the money talks, when I might lose face...
I suddenly remember what my car can't do And then I refuse to race!

Day-glow orange shift knobs and whiteface temp gauges
Low profile tires make me think I'm courageous

Japanese characters, who knows what they mean?
They're part of the package from cutting my springs.

Coffee can mufflers and Calvin is peeing
People around me don't like what they're seeing

They're all just so jealous, for I am the king...
I rule the street after cutting my springs!

When the night falls, when the girls leave, while I wait and wait...
If I'm such a stud after cutting my springs Why can't I get a date