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50 Free HP

50 Free HP

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You are not going to believe this. Using some common rice boy knowledge, I added 50 hp to this car. All I did is use some common ordinary products and ordinary hand tools. Many are in disblief, but its proven. I dynoed this car with a Ghetto-TECH PRO meter before and after and recorded gains of 50.3 hp and 73.2 ft/lbs or torque. Read on for step by step assembly instructions

Step 1

Obtain a large coffee can, bigger the better, and cut a hole in the bottom. make the hole larger than your exhaust pipe, so the flange used to attach it will fit.

Step 2

This step is optional, but it adds extra hp, and is free, so why would you skip it. Find a big, permant marker, and write "TypeR"on the side. Don't worry if you mess up, it can be easily erased with a cloth soaked with gasoline. I originaly had a black "R", then a friend pointed out that by making the "R" red, like the rice boys do, you gain a couple more hp. This seems to work for the honda boys, as they claim that simply adding a "TypeR" badge to your 18 second accord suddenly gives it the ability to beat a Mustang GT or Cobra.

Step 3

This is by far the most difficult part. Here, you must cut off part of a smaller coffee can, then roll it up and insert it into the hole in the larger can. Now you must attach the two somehow. I chose to solder it, as that was the only method other than welding that I could come up with.

Step 4

Now its time for the grabber paint. I chose to paint the inside of the can bright blue. However, when I was ready for the paint, my friend didn't have it yet, so I sprayed a white base coat, then followed up with the blue. This should make it brighter as well.

Step 5

Finally, attach the coffee can, now an official high performance tip, to the existing exhaust system. The vehicle recieving this particular tip, just had a boring, normal size tip put on a few weeks earlier, so I was able to simply remove this tip to make mounting the can to the exhaust system easier. I would highly recomend purchasing one of these boring tips as it makes the process much easier. I have to add I have been getting some interesting e-mail asking me what model Honda I was going to put this on. Well after careful consultation with production staff and technical crews we decided the largest HP gain would be on a red '92 Jeep Cherokee, limited, and a gold package, owned by a certain Ryan Davis.

Wanna hear it??

The new pics i will be putting up are of the tip on the Jeep.This jeep was so fast we had a very hard time keeping up with him (and we are in a MUSTANG!!!!!).

Here they are

Click here for more pics of the jeep