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50 Free HP

50 Free HP

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Ever seen those sweet blue headlights comeing at you. Ever wanted them so that on-comers would know you mean business and are packing some heat? Well here you go. This mod costs only $3, versus $30 for new bulbs.

Step 1

This is the normal, boring, stock headlight setup. Notice how you probably can't see anything at night.

Step 2

Now go to the grocery store and purchase some Reynolds Wrap Crystal Blue Saran Wrap. It cost me $2.99 + tax. Very cheap! Tear off a sheet long enough to cover your headlight, including wraping around the corner (if applicable) Stick it to the light by folding the edges of the wrap around the edges of the light as shown.

Step 3

Continue until you have built up enough layers to make the blue visible when the lights are on. It took 4 layers on my Mustang to accomplish this.

Design Option 1

There are several options available on how the lights look. The first is the peel off design. This option adds the most power of the three. This is modeled after an Indy car driver's helmet. They have pieces on their visor that they can peel off when they get dirty so they can see better. Well, if your lights get dirty and dim, you can simply peel off a layer and continue on your way. This adds the most power because Indy car drivers use peel offs too, so your car will now have the same power/handeling as an Indy car since you share this feature.

Design Option 2

The second option is if you are doing this for looks. You can trim off the peel off grip so that the saran wrap is the same shape as your headlight. If your headlights have an edge all the way around, unlike mine, you can simply tuck in all the edges, but I had to settle for cutting it flush with the black molding surrounding that part of the light.

Design Option 3

Finally, this option is for the person who just wants their headlights to appear blue. This way people can see your turnsignals, and also allows you to show off your clear corners if you have them

Final Product

Here it is...the finished product. This is a picture of the wall my lights shined on. Notice the sexy blue tint, caused by the lights. BEWARE!!! You will be picking up unbelieveable amounts of women, so you better buy a van as a secondary vehicle so you can carry them all around, as they might not fit in your civic, since it is a sports car so it is small.