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We sometimes have retired show and breeding cats that are looking for homes.
These cats are no less loved than any of our others. We just feel they deserve a home
where they don't have to compete for attention with the breeding cats and kittens
in the house and where they can be the center of someone's world.

The cats pictured below have been adopted.
Please feel free to contact us about other retired cats that may be available for adoption.

Note: Inquiries are always welcome, but we reserve the right to
refuse the sale or adoption of any cat or kitten.


Retired grand champion Silky and her seal
point daughter Katty were adopted by Nancy.

GC Alexy's Silk Stockings.....

Seal Point Female
Born: November 23, 2004
S: CH Jim-An-Di Dwatted Wabbit of Michou, DM
D: CH Radja's Chelsea Morning of Alexy, DM

Nancy, Silky and Kathy
Nancy with Silky and Katty, Valentine's Day 2008




CH Jim-An-Di Dwatted Wabbit
of Michou, DM

Seal Point Male
Born: April 21, 1999
S: GC Jim-An-Di Precision Nirvana
D: CH Blakthai's Whitney
of Jim-An-Di, DM

Wabbit retired after siring many wonderful kittens. He and his seal point buddies Ziggy and Tristan live with Allen & Jilene W.

Wabbit & Ziggy
Wabbit and Ziggy

Wabbit & Tristan

"Tristan is doing very well. He loves to play with Wabbit's tail and Wabbit is so patient
and understanding. He lets Tristan play with his tail as much as Tristan wants. He then snuggles up with Tristan. Wabbit is also very sweet with Ziggy. They will groom each other and more or less sleep together although most of the time they don't snuggle just lie close to one another."

... we just can't get over how wonderful Wabbit is."


Lilla and Sugarbubba retired together to live with Teresa and Eddie Hawke in North Carolina

GC, RW Alexy's Lilla Fiore, DM

Lilac Point Female
Born: October 06, 2002
S: GC Alexy's Cioccolatino of Fairydust
D: CH Ayuthaya Roolette of Alexy, DM

CH Alexy's Memories-of-You

Blue Point Male
Born: July 13, 2003
S: Alexy's Elusive Dream
D: GC Alexy's Sugarbaby of Jim-An-Di

Lilla and Bubba

Lilla and Bubba soaking up some sun

CH Jim-An-Di Qiana

Seal Point Female
Born: July 01, 1996
S: GC Blue Isles Qwilleran of Jim-An-Di
D: CH Nang Mao PS A Miracle of Jim-An-Di

"I suppose it's about time I write to thank you for the most wonderful companion I've ever had. I purchased a Siamese cat you named CH JIM-AN-DI QIANA. I just call her Chloe.

When she arrived here at my home over a year ago she was uncertain and frightened. I left her alone except for soft words and fresh bowls of water and food. It only took one day to bring her out of my bedroom and into her new home.

She never ceases to delight me. Every day I am greeted by her beautiful face and warm personality. She seems to love ping pong balls above all other items to play with. My co-workers gave me a baby (cat) shower. I received many toys and snacks and even a coupon for a vet visit. She adores any stranger that comes into my home. She pays constant attention to them, and purrs loudly when they compliment her very blue eyes. She steals everyone's hearts.

I can't thank you enough for bringing this wonderful creature into this world for me."

Michelle G., Atlanta, GA


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