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"Ciaran" and "Fiona" Blue Point Brother and Sister .. They are AMAZING. They are both the most beautiful, loving, and personable little animals I've ever met. They are both so intelligent. They love to sleep together, and they move with me to sleep or play in whatever room I'm working in. They run to the door whenever anyone visits. I find it really hard to leave them in the mornings to go to school, and I love coming home to them. I never feel alone!

~ Christina R ~
Fiona & Ciaran

Birth Announcement

Mousey Girl


"Mousey Girl" Seal Point Female with Bean

Our sweet little girl is two today, the attached won't tell you a whole lot abut how she looks (she is GORGEOUS) but does say a lot about how happy she is. She's so very sweet, a quick purr, a hilarious meow and the princess of the house and our hearts.

~ Bethany D ~

Sir Winston
Winston & Steve
Sir Winston, a handsome seal point boy, lives with Steve and Connie

Blue Point Female

Baby Deanna has become a diva. She bosses the boys about, beats up" on them, samples their food, and demands service at times. The boys have been extremely gallant; Sulu has taken over the more active romping, while Edward continues to be the perfect nanny cat. We should have it so good!

~ Dorothy R ~



Seal Point Male

... Your kitten is the most handsome Siamese that we have ever had and matches the pictures of those in our Siamese calendar ...

~ Ken S ~

Fletcher" (Aby) and "Blue"

Our little boys are doing well and get along wonderfully. ....If anyone told you that perhaps Aby's and Siamese aren't the best match, I can say these boys get along like thieves - ha...

~ Eric K ~

Fletcher & Blue

Ron and Dorothy R show their cats in the alter class. They had a very good year!
Rosette Tree

Newspaper Article

... Our rosette-decorated Christmas tree was featured in a special Christmas section of the Florida Times-Union, along with a nice article about how our cats earned the ribbons... We’re really proud of our guys, and we thank you again for trusting us to be their parents ...

Ari and Elfin

"Ari" and "Elfin"
Seal Point Best Buddies

Thought you might like a little up date on my babies. They are just wonderful. Ari is really a precious little one, and guess what? He is really retrieving two toys in a wonderful way. He brings back the toy and just plops it down and luxuriates in all the lavish attention he then gets from having brought it back. I am just amazed by both of their play. I have never heard even once them playing a little 'too rough' for the other's pleasure. It's as if they have it all choreographed ahead of time and are merely acting. They jump around and make dives and such in the most creative fashion... I have gillions of pictures of them already. I couldn't be happier with the two of them. 

Love, Sus

Thought you might like to see a recent picture of of my boys: Rudley-Do-Right is on the left, Indigo Blue (Indy) is in the back and Ben Cat (Benny) is in the front.

~ Vicky B ~

Indy & Benny with Rudley

Christmas Package

"Winston" - Christmas 2004

Just wanted to show you that Winston still thinks he's a Christmas package. He is such a character! He makes every day interesting. We don't know what we would do without the sweet boy! 

~ Steve and Connie H ~

Hi Dianne, it's been a wonderful week. She's fitting in so well... getting comfortable in the house, following Beanie around, mastering the stairs, sleeping with her Pop, eating great and generally just having fun.

Healthy, happy and full of spunk.

~ Bethany D ~

Mousey Girl

Marco, May Ling and Toronago
May Ling with Friends

Thought you might enjoy seeing your two "children" & my old cat sleeping together. 
Wanted to let you know that May Ling was spayed on Friday.  She is doing great...

... Both boys treat her very gently.  We enjoy all.

~ Cindy C ~

Alchie on the Monitor
"Alchie" helping on the computer.

Nancy's Katin - 1996

Thomas is so beautiful and active as you can see. Here he is retrieving his favorite toy. Tired out from playing, he is in my lap asleep. Thank you again for my intelligent, sweet and beautiful baby.

~ Jane D ~


After waiting breathlessly we finally received our pictures! They are GREAT!  Richard is amazing to get them with such uncooperative subjects!  Thank you again for introducing us to him! We will treasure these (cats and pictures both).

~ Jean and Kevin ~

Roxy and Ricky take the sun

~ Mary C ~

Marcie's Kitten
Nicholas & Gizmo
Gizmo loves Nicholas

~ Marcie S ~

"Blue" lives with Eric & Lorraine K.

Alchemy and his Maine Coon buddy Mowgli are owned by Michelle P. Alchemy

I've attached a photo to let you know how quickly
the Alexy brood accepted this little guy.

He is absolutely adorable!

Cosmo is so happy to have a wrestling buddy. :)

~ Abbie M ~

just resting.

Harry - Just Resting ...




I wanted to attach this picture the kids staged, reminiscent of E.T. in the closet, hiding amongst the toys.

She’s doing well, so pretty and has such a great personality.

~ Karla ~


Gracie & Gizmo

"Gracie and Gizmo"

It is hard to beleive that we have had Gracie and Gizmo for just over a year now. They get sweeter everyday. They are just such a great blessing to my family. 

~Steve and Louise ~

"Katie Kitty"

Hi Dianne

Just wanted to say thanks and let you know that she is now running my household telling us what to do. The dogs think she is the boss and stay out of her way. She is the best little one sleep with - she tells the dogs what part of the bed to go.

~ Lauren ~

Katie Kitty

Raffi & Puddin'
She's the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... Her and Puddin', our silky terrier, are inseperable. Puddin' is a wreck without her. He whines and whines whenever we are over at my parents, and refuses to settle down and sleep if she can't cuddle with him. They are the cutest together, except when they are getting into all kinds of trouble. She has actually knocked stuff off of the counter for Puddin' before!!!!! It is the craziest thing, people don't even believe me when I tell them how close the two are until I show them pictures.

Thanks so much for our bundle of joy/trouble ;)

~ Amanda ~

Watcha See?

We haven't been in touch lately but an update is way over due. The lilac male we got has grown a bunch.  He's not the same little guy but rather a tall lanky dude. We have enjoyed him so much. We named him Jersey since we kinda have a theme with names around here (Brahma, Angus, and now Jersey ). He loves to play fetch, sleeps under the covers by my side, inspects everything around here, talks a lot, and ambushes Brahma every chance he gets. He's got it good.

~ Casey M, DVM ~


"Gizmo" and Joseph

Alexy Andantino of Topeng
Sire: GC, RW Thaifong Tiamo of Alexy
Dam: GC Alexy's Cha Cha D'Amour, DM

"Samadi Santa"

Alexy Samadi
Sire: Thaifong Piece-of-My-Heart
Dam: CH Alexy Blondie's Blessed Event



Alexy's Breathless Charm lives with Christina and
Scott K

We just want to "thank you" so much for giving us a chance with Lilla. She was settled in by Friday night. Bubba stays with her all the time. He just loves the company! When we go to check on them, they are sleeping or washing each other. They are so funny together.

Thank you again for making our house a home!

~ Ed & Teresa ~

Poppy and I were taking pictures of Amelie and Koko this morning and thought you might enjoy a couple of them. Both cats are doing well and are, of course, running the household here. As you well understand, they both bring us a lot of joy. 

~ Earl and Poppy ~

Dianne, Laney is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet!!  She is the most loving little girl. She craves attention and nudges your hand for more, rolls over for you to rub her. She purrs SO loud! ... She has the most beautiful little face. I attached a picture of her sleeping. Needless to say, I’ll have many more to come. So she’s getting used to us and to her surroundings which will just take a little time. But she already gets more love than any kitten could absorb!

Thanks again Dianne.  We love Laney!

~ Mary C ~

I just wanted to drop you a note, to send you this cute picture I took this morning of Kiva with Kachina, our calico girl. They're the best of buddies, Kachina loves her little meezer sister to pieces. Kiva gets along wonderfully with both of our older cats but she has developed a special bond with Kachina.

She is just the most delightful baby! We couldn't be happier with her, she's so curious and funny and such a little lovebug. Thank you again so much for bringing her into our lives!

Thanks :)

Merry Christmas from Kira!!

Thought I would send you some holiday pics of our bundle of love! She is a firecracker and smart as a whip. We adore her!! She is SOOOO sweet, loving, and beautiful!!!

:)  Janet

Elsa is doing very well.  She is very affectionate and has slept
under the covers with me every night.

...  I think Elsa is the perfect addition to our family.

Love - Sue

I just wanted to give you an update on the beautiful kitten we picked up from you. We named her Jasmine and she is doing absolutely fantastic. She is such a sweet little girl and quite fearless! The day we brought her home, she immediately took possession of the cat bed in front of the fireplace and wouldn’t move, no matter how much Joey hissed and meowed. After about a day and a half, Joey gave in and joined her. From that time on, she and Joey have gotten along perfectly. She has truly captured our hearts – thank you so much. We still miss Chloe terribly, but having these two wonderful kitties in our lives makes it easier to deal with our loss.

~ Carol B ~

Our grandson Drew with "Grace"

He is an adorable kitten, extremely affectionate and very very gentle. You gave me the
gift of a beautiful and very lovable cat, and I can't thank you enough for that.

Big hugs from me, David and Kiyoshi

~ Sherine ~

I wanted to send you pics of Princess D'ora. She is still the most gorgeous wonderful siamese that has
ever come out of Alexy siamese (well of course that is biased because I am her mom) ... lol

Thank you again for my happy girl. She is such a character.

Chris M

Hi Diane,

I just wanted to send a photo of mouse who we got from you a few years back. He turned four on December 11 and he literally saved his brothers life. We are so greatful for this gift! My husband flew down to pick him up. I am not sure you remember us but I think of you often. All the best!

Laura B and Haigriv V
Rockford, IL

Sela my baby girl!!

I meant to send you this picture. 
It is the sweet little seal girl of Tess X Flash.

Leah D

Naptime in the Dearman house!

Hi Dianne,

Loving our boys!

Thanks so much, & happy holidays!

Leigh, Becca  and Rich

His favorite place to sleep. :)


Hi. Wanted to share my boy, Pano! 
His vet has used him for advertising.
My family loves him so much. 
Brings us joy!

~ Lucy D ~

Sela and Sunny helping me fold laundry today.
I just love them so much!!!

~ Leah D ~

Jinkoh is a sheer joy, and I can't thank you enough for him. I'm sure I've never loved a kitty as much.

~ Keith A ~


Chili is growing into a beautiful boy. He loves to play fetch! He has grown especially attached to our daughter Julia. He follows her everywhere and loves to cuddle with her. He is a complete and total joy in our lives.

~ Nikolka & Chad ~




Avery is a beautiful kitten, very loving and very bright, we are so happy to have her.

~ Dick D ~


Maggie is our little baby girl. I think I could bring her anywhere with me. She is so loving to everyone. My pug is very nervous around my cats, because the cats has not liked her, even if she is the sweetest thing. But after a few years with no friends, my pug Sally have made a friend... Maggie. Maggie is not afraid. She can feel that Sally is pure love.

Hugs, Linda



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