DanZig gOlDeN vOicEd gOd


WhEn tHe dArkNess cOveRs lIGht, U wiLl kNow thE tImE iS rIght...SeEk thE seCret hiDDen cOre, eScaPe with me to DanZig's lOre.. WhEn thE SHaDoW cOmeS tO PlAy, dArKneSS kilLs thE fUcKin' dAy... hE coMes tO sEt mY sOuL oN fIrE, tO draG mE fRoM thE wReCheD mYre... fRoM thE liGht i nEEd to hIde, wHeRe goD's MeRcy cAn't sUrVivE... SHaDoW sAvEd mY WRECHED lIfE, pLaYd mE thrall-demonsweatlive!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to thank the dark one, SHaDoW, for introducing me to DanZig... he owns the way to my soul... His voice rips me to the core... I can only dream at night of his wild and fiery flight.
WHoo Hoo... All of gussy's faithful friends... know and love me to the end... I have to worship DanZig now... not cause someone(heknowswhoheis) showed me how... but rather for the inner touch... his voice that can make me cum... He gave me DanZig to adore... Helped me fight the inner war..The music came and filled the depths... made the silence turn to sweat... made my heart to sacrafice... sweat and blood... alive... not ice. Hell hath no fury like woman scorned... gussys fury hasnt stormed... one day it will open wide... to release the demons trapped inside... not the time and not the place are your only saving grace... on the day that you see my soul you will fear the demons fold... inside the darkness theres no light... endless pain my violet fire...... _______________________________________________________
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DanZig InFo

  • BoRn 06/23/55 in Lodi, NJ
  • GlEnN AaRoN AnzaLoNe DanZig bEcAmE
  • thE gOlDeN vOicEd goD
  • 1977 fOrMeD thE mIsfItS
  • anD rELEaSeD NuMeroUs aLbUmS
  • nExT cAmE SaMHaIn
  • tHeY rEcOrdeD 4 aLbuMs
  • BUT THEN:::
  • iN 1987 DanZig wAs fOrmEd
  • tHey hAvE rElEaSed
  • DanZig, DanZig II-LuCiFugE, DanZig III-hOw thE goDs kiLL, ThRaLL dEmOn swEaT liVe, Danzig iv-p, DanZig V-bLaCkAciDdEvil, DanZig VI- 666 sAtAns cHilD
  • DanZig aLsO rEleaSed nUmEroUs OthEr efFoRTs
  • iNcLuDing DeEp, FrOM thE X-FiLeS sOunDtRack anD a SolO aLbuM bLAcK AriA

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